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Title Fight – Hyperview

Title Fight – Hyperview

As hooked as I was on Floral Green as confused I am about Hyperview. That Title Fight would be once again shedding some skin and go for a different sound on their third full length was something to be expected. But those of us who’re all about stage dives and singalongs come short on this record.

‘Rose of Sharon’ comes close to the Title Fight we all have come to love over the past years, but I’m afraid that’s all folks when it comes to energetic songs. Title Fight have strayed from the path of punk and now fully embrace something resembling a 90’s love affair with dreampop, lots of reverb and a whole lot melancholy. Think Sunny Day Real Estate on a Nothing trip.

There’s nothing wrong with a band going into new directions, especially when they’re good at what they do. However I find it hard to see how the new material works in a live setting in between fan favorites. Are people going to stage dive on these songs? It seems impossible. Or is the band going to ante up the new songs for their live perfomances? I guess will have to wait and find out.

Prior to its release Hyperview was one of few releases in 2015 I really expected much of. After a few spins I don’t exactly feel let down, but I do wonder if there’s still a future for me and Title Fight.

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