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Toxic Shock – s/t

Toxic Shock – s/t

Get your bandana and skateboard out, cut your jeans and enjoy some of the best crossover music 2013 has to offer. Well 2012 to be honest, because this beautiful white piece of vinyl was released last year. With a new record coming out on Reflections soon I thought it was time to grab everyone’s attention and write about this one sided four song record. (To be even more honest, the band send it to me a week ago asking for a review).

Yes, Toxic Shock from Antwerp, Belgium do play 80’s crossover hardcore metal. But they manage to stay away from all the cliches often heard when current bands get too excited about this style of music. It’s kind of easy to turn it all into a gimmick. Which Toxic Shock manages to avoid. They’re no copycat of Suicidal Tendencies or Municipal Waste but truly have a ‘darker’ sound of their own. Opener ‘Ice Black Cold’ is a good example as well as ‘Hard Candy’ which has the kind of serious lyrics you don’t really associate with this kind of music.

Untill the full length drops I suggest you get in the mood for some Toxic Shock by adding this record to your collection.



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