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Transit – Young New England

Transit – Young New England

Before I say anything just listen to this:

Am I the only one who really loves the way Transit mixes parts Gaslight Anthem with some poppunk and emo. And ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’ isn’t the only great song on this record, pretty much every track is a hit.

Titletrack ‘Young New England’ is a great homage to their hometown and in light of recent events one can almost see Bostonians singingalong “if you’re too drunk to walk alone the streets of cobblestone/you know Boston never drinks alone”. I’m not a drinker myself, surprise right?, but this song is so catchy hardly a day goes by that I find myself humming these lyrics.

Other songs definitely worth checking out are ‘Sleep’, ‘Don’t Don, Don’t Stray’, ‘Summer Me’, ‘Bright Lights, Dark Shadows’.

Jimmy Eat World’s Bleed American was one of those rare records wherein every song seemed to be right. A record that never tends to bore me. Transit’s Young New England comes pretty close to feeling the same way. If in ten years you’ll ask me what was my soundtrack for the summer of 2013 I can pretty much guarantee it will be this record.

You can check the full album here:

Last year around this time Rise Records managed to surprise me with the release of the Daytrader full length. Unfortunately that band broke up only a couple of months later. With the new Transit, Rise has another diamond in their hands and I hope this band proves to be more of lasting value.

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