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Troubled Coast – I’ve Been Thinking About Leaving You

Troubled Coast – I’ve Been Thinking About Leaving You

Let’s make one thing clear if bands like Touche Amore, La Dispute and Make Do And Mend aren’t your thing, chances that you’ll enjoy Troubled Coast are less than zero. But boy are you missing out on some good music.

San Fransisco’s Bay Area over the years has proven to be fertile ground for bands. From Dead Kennedys to 4 Non Blondes, from Faith No More to The Grateful Dead. So Troubled Coast come from an inspiring place and they show it on this EP. While it’s easy to write off the band as the perfext mix of Make Do And Mend and Touche Amore/La Dispute, in my opinion they add something more. For those familiar with the British and at the time hyped post-core band Hundred Reasons, Troubled Coast at times remind me of them.

Where Make Do And Mend’s music has this working class vibe, Touche Amore is about the drama and La Dispute are the artists, Troubled Coast add something massive to their music. Of the four above mentioned bands Troubled Coast is the one I really see being able to do well on a big stage with a thousand kids singing along.

Labels who wanted to sign Touche Amore, pay attention. Troubled Coast can be the next big thing if they’re able to keep their stuff together and are as good on stage as this EP is.

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