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Unfold – Cosmogon

Unfold – Cosmogon

Unfold dissappeared from the radar eight years ago, after the release of ‘Aeon Aony’. A release similar to the darkest moments of Cult of Luna, and a good album. And so is “Cosmogon”. The songs are mostly shorter and groovier now, so the dark mix of metalcore and postmetal hits harder without long and timid intermezzos.

The best example is the four minute song “Hexahedron” that hits as hard as an Omega Massif bomber. Driving heavy and careless towards a grooving metal riffs seems to be easy but Unfold really understands the art of dropping unnecessary tunes and stays to the point. “Ethera” is an exception on this direct approach. It’s 13 minutes long and similar in style of the old Unfold. In this one they are inspired by the old songs of The Ocean, and similar to them they keep the stranglehold tight.

The dark tones are tagging your brain and the razorsharp production (as always with Swiss bands the production and playing is clockwork) gives ‘Cosmogon’ the body and spirit to strike the listener. Nice details such as piano tones in the beginning of  “Ethera”  and clean vocals making this new record even more diverse. People who can’t get enough of bands like Cult of Luna, Neurosis or The Ocean must step into the world of Unfold.

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