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V/A – Skannibal Party 12

V/A – Skannibal Party 12

Skannibal Party 12 has a skanking skinhead on the cover, dancing above hitler and a nazi skin. On the floor lies what I assume is sushi. I think the skinhead intends to eat Hitler and his ideological buddy. We may never know.

Skannibal Party is a Ska sampler, it’s been going on for years now, ever since 2002. Bands like No RespectLos FastidosDie Tornados and Plenty Enuff have featured a song on this sampler. Bands come from all over, but the records are most well known in Germany.

There’s a lot of fun, but usually sharp sounding, ska songs on this album. Skainhead brings that traditional sound of the likes of Desmond Dekker or Laurel Aitkin. Smooth reggae that you can dance to, with a hammering backbeat that keeps the spirits up. The song is ‘1969’, referring to that better past. That sugary sweet sound is also produced by JK & The Relays from Canada, reminding us of the time a horn sectin was cool.

Pretty cool is the groovy and sparkly version of ‘Something’s Got A Hold On Me’ by Etta James, done well by the Bologna Ska Jazz Ensemble. Mr. Shankly blends some patchanka through their song ‘Villains’. The band from Birmingham sounds quite unique, with a strong guitar, taking it out of your standard ska vibe.

The Autocrats have put a definite punk sound to their tight, jangly ska. High spead organ sounds are mixed with some rough guitar parts and frustrated singing. Trumpets always make things better, don’t they? Sweet calypso sounds are presented later by Bandy Legs on ‘Whole Again’.

All in all, this record offers a great variety of good ska tunes. Maybe you don’t care a thing for it, but for those who carry a bit of love in their heart for this music, the Skannibal Party records are a definite gem.

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