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Various Artists – America’s Hardcore compilation

Various Artists – America’s Hardcore compilation

As Pim already questions in his review of the Striving Higher compilation; are compilations still cool and relevant in the age of spotify, bandcamp, mediashare and itunes?

The America’s Hardcore compilation by Triple B records is out for some time and as far as I know isn’t the one record everyone is talking about. I remember compilations used to be a topic for endless debates. In the Reaching Forward tourvan there used to be hours of discussion which compilation was better Growing Stronger or The Time Is Now (whereas we all know Growing Stronger is the better of those two). And what about earlier and now considered classic compilations like New York Hardcore: The Way It Is or This Is Boston Not L.A.?

If there’s a compilation out there I think is comparable with America’s Hardcore it is the For The Sake Of Dedication compilation put out by Crucial Response Records. There are a couple of reasons for saying this. For instance both compilations give a great view of new and at the time upcoming bands. Both compilations also come with great looking booklets, which I love, and gives the whole package way more meaning than just a download/click on the internet.

So what is on the America’s Hardcore compilation? Besides unreleased tunes by more known bands like Cruel Hand, Bitter End, Foundation,The Rival Mob and Title Fight it also introduces lesser known but equally great bands like Free Spirit, Violent Side and Thought Crusade.

Time will tell if America’s Hardcore will be considered a classic like the aforementioned compilations, but just like the Striving Higher compilation it’s a record that in my opinion re-establishes the relevancy of compilations even in 2011.

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