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Various Artists – Starting From Zero Compilation

Various Artists – Starting From Zero Compilation

Crucial Response has a name to uphold when it comes to releasing compilations that stand the test of time. Without a doubt the For The Sake Of Dedication is the best full length compilation representing the nineties youth crew wave with by now classic bands like Floorpunch, Eyeball, Sportswear and Mainstrike. Then there was the One Track Mind with bands like Damage Control, The Change and The Uncontrollable shining a light on the European hardcore scene around the turn of the century.

Starting From Zero is Crucial’s newest compilation and has been in the works for over three years. Hence the fact that some songs were already recorded in 2011 and some bands on the compilation have already broken up like Norway’s Commitment Crew and the legendary Seein Red who are on this LP with some of their last songs.

Starting From Zero isn’t a youth crew compilation nor does it only focus on European bands. The 24 bands on this LP have a wide range in music as well as where they are from. The typical youth crew meets 7 Seconds from Britain’s Time Together is followed up by the trashy sounds of Florida’s Injustice System to give but one example.

Aside from being a very diverse compilation Starting From Zero also puts long running bands like Reproach together with the still somewhat new Dutch band Echoes. Highlights for me on this compilation are Crucial Section, Right Idea, Snob Value, Salad Days and Evolve. But bands like Sex Drive, Citizens Patrol and Night Prowler don’t disappoint either.

If anything Starting From Zero proves there are enough quality fast hardcore bands around all over the world. If you’re into that kind of hardcore this is a compilation well worth your money. 24 bands, 34 songs and a great booklet. Crucial Response has done a great job once again.


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