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Various – Epilogue of a Car Crash! A Tribute to Orchid!

Various – Epilogue of a Car Crash! A Tribute to Orchid!

Orchid didn’t know they were one of the pioneers who shaped the screamo sound. Millions DIY bands copied the fast and raging parts combined with (underlying) melodic guitar tunes whether they are distorted or not. Dog Knights Productions from the UK is one of the small labels who is carrying the screamo torch further with releases from Beau Navire and We Came Out Like Tigers. Both bands are funny enough not part of this compilation.

Present are a bunch of bands unknown to me except for Full of Hell and Republic of Dreams (who shows you also can play technical clean screamo instead of the chaotic messy variant). The variety of bands is at least decent and the difference in production is not that bad at all. The songs are mostly picked from the selftitled full length, also four songs from ‘Chaos is Me’ and even seven from the EP ‘Dance Tonight! Revolution Tomorrow!’.

I am not going to name all artists. The record starts off furious with Coma Regalia and Full of Hell; if someone thinks screamo is just some whiny music for suicidal teenagers you should listen to the rage spread out in “Aesthetic Dialectic” and “Framecode”. The orchid vibes are copied in a decent way in the next tracks although the recording of Piano Bastards’ version of “I am Nietzsche” seemed to be done in a toilet. Next please, so Cassus has the task to compensate and especially the high pitched vocalist is doing a good job.

Highlight and surprise is the postrock interpretation of “…And The Cat Turned to Smoke” by Foxes. No rush and no lightning fast speedy riffs will be found here. Just the great melodies spread out over more than six minutes. Questionable Youth is following more or less the same path with “New Ideas In Mathematics”.

Other bands take it the easy way and picked a short raging song from Orchid that mostly also has that short break with the typical melodic guitar riff. Almost every band has a vocalist that spits his guts out in the higher regions. Except for Mahria; who has a girl (I bet her name is Maria) laying down vocals in between singing and screaming. I like the difference with the rest of the artists.

Sed Non Satiata is the only band that picked two songs and I have no problem with the first one, its tight as fuck, especially the main riff in “Discourse of Desire” is stuck in your head and the song is so powerful Orchid wished they had it recorded this way. The last song “Impersonating Martin Rev” is a sort of electronic outro with relaxed beats to calm down the screamo storm. It’s okay but not the best closing song.

The full tracklist:

1. Coma Regalia – Aesthetic Dialectic
2. Full of Hell – Framecode
3. For Want Of – Death Of A Modernist
4. Voyage In Coma – Epilogue Of A Car Crash
5. You’ll Live – Destination: Blood!
6. Carrion Spring – Lights Out
7. I Don’t Want To Know Why The Caged Bird Sings – Anna Karina
8. Piano Bastards – I Am Nietzsche
9. Cassus – Victory Is Ours
10.Lizards Have Personalities – Don’t Rat Out Your Friends
11.Foxes  – … And The Cat Turned To Smoke
12.Deer In the Headlights – 36 Day Syndrome
13.Republic of Dreams – Eye Gouger
14.Questionable Youth – New Ideas In Mathematics
15.Lord Snow – Amherst Pandemonium, Pt 1
16.Adobe Homes – Amherst Pandemonium, Pt 2
17.Itto – Loft Party
18.¡Silencio, Ahora, Silencio! – A Visit From Dr Goodsex
19.History of the Hawk – Class Pictures
20.Utarid – Anais Nin By Numbers
21.Todos Caerán – Tigers
22.Mahria – Let’s Commodify Sexuality
23.Innards – Discourse Of Desire
24.Sed Non Satiata – None More Black
25.Sed Non Satiata – Impersonating Martin Rev

Dog Knights Productions released the 45 minutes of Orchid Worship (or should I say Orchip) on 500 CDs and a shitload of LP versions with different colors and covers. See here for the details:

Test Pressings with Alternate Artwork /11
Personalised Test Pressings /100 (one copy given to every band member)
Transparent Blue /100 Sold Out
Transparent Red /200
Transparent yellow /200

Every copy comes with a fold-out Riso printed, fold-out insert and a digital download code. The first 50 orders will come with a limited art print/special cover!

Record collectors and screamo fanatics here you go.

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