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VCPS – s/t

VCPS – s/t

Vietcong Pornsürfers must have realised their name was a bit weird. So they changed it. VCPS stays close enough to their original name. And so does their music. The new name doesn’t mean a new musical course. And that’s a good thing, as I really enjoyed their album I spread diseases.

What I wrote back than still holds true. Eighties punk and glam are maried into something not unlike Gluecifer. There’s two songs on this EP that are a bit slower (Yes, I can and Hold me) than what I’m used to from the band. Although these songs are not bad, I prefer them going full throttle…

As for this EP, it’s produced just right for the style, the band clearly knows what they’re doing. The promo-sheet tells me “Album, mini-album, EP or whatever… It is self-titled and contains rock”. The only thing to improve on that quote is to write ROCK in capitals. Get this! Case closed.



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