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Violent Reaction – Demo Tape Review

Violent Reaction – Demo Tape Review

Mind Rot Records has sent us one of their latest releases. The VA label’s newest project is the US release of the band Violent Reaction’s demo. Violent Reaction is a self proclaimed one man edge band from Liverpool England and organized by Tom Pimlott. ¬†With this release, Mind Rot is doing their part to assist in the resurrection of the cassette tape format and has released the demo on a limited run tapes.

Violent Reaction is a blast of straight up hardcore citing Poison Idea, Out Cold, and Last Rights as influences. The Violent Reaction Demo Tape is a collection of four quick songs, with all the songs tracking less than two minutes each. The demo blasts through each song with a definite sense of purpose. The vocals bark through each songs without much variation. The demo definitely traces back to an earlier era of hardcore and has a definite punk influence. It may not be for all modern day hardcore fans but some people will definitely enjoy this release.

This release is defiantly in a different direction from the other Mind Rot releases I’ve checked out, but diversity is an important part of any label. It helps to expose listeners to new sounds and in the case of Violent Reaction, the label helps to expose a US audience to a band from across the Atlantic. ¬†While Violent Reaction may not appeal to everyone, I definitely give Mind Rot respect in helping to spread independent music.

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