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Walk The Plank – Dead Weight In Hostile Waters

Walk The Plank – Dead Weight In Hostile Waters

Gar! Swab the deck! Shiver me timbers! This record is G-R-E-A-T. EVERYTHING about this record is great actually. Let’s start with the artwork, damn. I don’t like all the Mike Bukowski drawings but this one is great. There’s also a limited “blackspot” edition which doesn’t have the Bukowski drawing but looks even cooler. They’re scoring points there.

But a lot of you don’t give a flying fuck about the artwork, it’s about the music right? Well, how should I describe this? Pissed off 80’s hardcore with a lot of rocking going on? This sounds like pirates making hardcore music. This sounds like something you need to get. The recording is good, the pirate lyrics are cool. I already declared my love to the artwork. What else is there to say? This very well could be a classic record and deserving 5 stars but I’m not sure yet so I’ll stick to 4,5 stars. We’ll see in time.

Oh by the way this band is ex-Voorhees, that might spark your interest too. Get this record or WALK THE PLANK matey!

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