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We Are The Ocean – ARK LP

We Are The Ocean – ARK LP

English band We Are The Ocean showcases a wonderful musicality and riveting wordplay on their new album ARK. The band doesn’t bombard the ears with bubble-gum pop, they reach out and grab the passion with a potent grip, exercising their music and providing their fans with a solid concrete of songs that are emotive.

The Essex four-piece become more creative on ARK. The songs are punchy, razor-sharp and infectious. We Are The Ocean is truly rising as a rock force, honing their skills, sharpening their wit on each release. You can hear the maturity sound out, you can feel the music flourish and emerge victorious. ARK has its moments of clarity. They are songs there that offer the listener a chance to see the band in a new light, a light with no dust particles, but one that shines brightly with purity. These musicians have embarked on adding emotion into the framework. By doing that, they’ve created another dimension, a component that touches the heart.

ARK begins with the title track. It’s loud and volatile, striking and relentless. It manages to start the album with a bang, a spark of complete anarchy. The band shows their punk side on the opening track. The guitars and vocals intertwine brilliantly too. Do It Together is brash and guitar driven, digging deep into rock scene with sharp pincers. The chorus has been brilliantly constructed, keeping the flame burning. Hope You’re Well is remarkable. Pushing that melancholia feeling to new heights, the wordplay is vivid and poetic. The backdrop of guitar compliments the rush of emotion perfectly. Holy Fire offers a blast of freshness. The poetry is fiery and the chorus is stunningly placed. The vocals are never strained; they’re allowed to fly like a bird.

We Are The Ocean has struck gold with ARK. It’s an album that contains emotion and creativity that will never rust.

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