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Weekend Nachos – Watch You Suffer

Weekend Nachos – Watch You Suffer

Chicago, IL’s Weekend Nachos are gearing up to release their new LP and put out a little teaser 7″ to ease the wait. “Watch You Suffer” features one song from the forthcoming LP (appropriately called “Watch You Suffer”) and one exclusive B-side. Short but sweet. Now, on to the tracks.

Weekend Nachos were once known for their lighting-fast powerviolence songs but have entered new territory with their last LP “Worthless” (2011) where the band displayed not only furious short songs but also some sludgy, doomy and dark jams. This 7″, again, features the best of both worlds. Watch You Suffer starts out with fast hardcore beats and harsh vocals, after a while the band moves into a crushing, almost Youth Crew-like moshpart, and manages to keep things interesting by moving into an Electric Wizard or Sleep-styled outro. Great, heavy guitars and frantic vocals make this track interesting and original. Weekend Nachos is one of the few bands that can play a 3 minute hardcore song that actually stays interesting.

The b-side starts out with another sludge part, the down-tuned guitars and bass create a dense and heavy sound that will guarantee some headbanging. After a crushing breakdown the band moves into some classic Weekend Nachos chaos: insane blast beats, fast riffs and pissed off vocals. As a closer the band delivers one final long breakdown, just to finish this little 7″ off.

This 7″ will definitely please any powerviolence, sludge or heavy hardcore fans, give it a try if this sounds appealing to you. I strongly suggest those who are interested to be on the lookout for the new Weekend Nachos LP this year, it’s going to be a good one.


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