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Weezer – Everything Will Be Alright In The End

Weezer – Everything Will Be Alright In The End

Niels: Weezer is a band that has severely polarized its fans. Personally I find the discussion between the flawless first two albums and the quality of the post-Pinkerton era way too exaggerated. I enjoy Green a lot, think that Red was a major comeback but I can even get into hated songs such as ‘Can’t Stop Partying’ or ‘Where’s My Sex’.

Pim: Shit, I’m not going to provide a ‘I strongly disagree with you’ counter opinion on this review I’m afraid. I’m right with you. I listen to “Blue” and “Green” mostly (for some reason I never listen to Pinkerton, yet I find it a great album), but I can appreciate all the albums.

Niels: Pinkerton is worth your attention too. But Everything Will Be Alright in the End is promoted by band and label alike as one of those albums that sees the band return to true form.

Pim: Does that mean one of the songs will have a video on the Windows 10 DVD ? 🙂

Niels: Haha. Weezer purists are likely to enjoy this more than their previous outputs. No Lil’ Wayne or Coldplay covers and the return of producer Ric Ocasek. And they pulled it of to some extent, songs like ‘Ain’t Got Nobody’, ‘Lonely Girl’, ‘The British Are Coming’ or ‘Go Away’ really sound like the band has recaptured their 90s spirit with playful vocal harmonies (Cuomo’s vocal performance really shines overall), typical Weezer lyrics and very strong guitar work.

Pim: Uhuh. Agreed.

Niels: But not all the songs are reminiscent of nostalgia. Singles ‘Back to the Shack’ (ironic) and ‘Cleopatra’ sound more like the Weezer of the previous decade with gimmicky structures. Strong songs though, and in this way Weezer appeal to a broad spectrum of their audience.

Pim: Yes! Something I can disagree with, be it only slightly. I love “Back To The Shack”! And you didn’t expect they would write a carbon copy of “Blue” right? I mean, it’s been 20 years. That’s never ever going to happen, I’m pretty happy with how close they came on this one.

Niels: True that. The album ends with a three piece of mainly instrumental, straight up, love for the guitar riff. Although this suite showcases the band’s talent, it comes of a bit strange and not really fitting the mood of the album. Like I stated before, in other songs Cuomo and Brian Bell have proved their weight shredding about.

Pim: Just another example of the fact that they’re not the same band they were in 1994. I’m not into instrumental songs myself, so I could have done without the two instrumental songs, but I really like the second song “II: Anonymous”.

Niels: With their first album in four years, the change of pace seems to have rejuvenated the band. Everything Will Be Alright in the End is a great album by Weezer and should even be considered for those who have lost interest in the antics of a band playing with Jackass or doing Lady Gaga covers.

Pim: Shit, now I agree AGAIN. Do you think they will ever come to the Netherlands again so I can see them play?

Niels: I hope so, they haven’t been for ages. And with the new songs, they could score some festival hits.

Pim: Is the world ready for some guitar driven hits again then? Oh and we should rate this one. What do you think? I would give it a 85 I think?

Niels: I agree completely, my favorite since “Red”.

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