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Witch Cult – s/t 12″

Witch Cult – s/t 12″

Witch Cult is a new band from the UK that has just released a rehearsal tape and now comes up with a 10 song, one-sided, slab of vinyl. On the backside you can find some fancy etching (of course). The band combines slow riffs with very fast parts and some traditional hardcore.

The first riff of “Grimm Frost” is typically Electric Wizard (hence the record name ‘Witchcult Today’), but in no time they are fastening their seatbelts and play some heavy power violence with lots of feedback and slower hardcore stuff. Once in a while the filthy stoner riffs return but it’s only a small part of the atmosphere. Mostly it’s chaotic and fast short songs that will melt your body to dust.

In less than eleven minutes we are 10 songs further down the road and although the creations are vile, heavy, thrashy and full of energy I can’t say they give the ultimate rush fast powerviolence can give the listener. I don’t know exactly what it is but I think the vocals can be more pissed off. The band ends the record with “Break” that combines filthy sludge and doom. Unfortunately it can’t level with the giants in the genre. What’s left is a pretty decent record that’s original in combining Doom, Sludge, Power Violence & Hardcore and Hopefully Witch Cult will improve both on songwriting and intensity to completely ruin your livingroom or stage.

This album will be released on October 31th.


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