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Withers / MNMNTS – Split 7″

Withers / MNMNTS – Split 7″

Since I saw Withers on their first tour in Dresden 2012 I am following this new hardcore band from Austria. The band has the ability to add energy, emotion and aggression in the right portions and also write descent songs that are passionate and stay in your head. After their 7 inch, 12 inch and split with Red Apollo this is again a split with a great song.

“Delusions of Grandeur” is beginning in an aggressive and dissonant way. Later the noisy guitars definitely have the hardcore pace and speed in it. After that it all slows down towards nineties post-hardcore and the mix pretends the end part is recorded in an abandoned room in the studio. The boys from Withers still like to stray from the paved path, something that makes this song kick ass.

MNMNTS released a 12” and a single 12” in the past. They are mixing punkrock with hardcore without sounding lame. The song on this split is my first introduction and I am pretty surprised. “Age” starts off in an emotional way with only a screaming voice and timid guitars, slowly drums are coming in, a break follows and melodic guitar parts are mixed with energy in the best Modern Life is War tradition.

The most remarkable thing of MNMNTS is the punky vibe in the song. The positive atmosphere is the other element of attention while the sound is heavier than regular punkrock bands. That isn’t strange because the song is recorded in the famous Tonmeisterei studio mostly used by Sludge and Doom bands.

Both songs are impressive in their own way. Withers’ one is distracting while MNMNTS is just a strong example of a punkrock/hardcore song. This split is a co-release between Fear of Heights and Moments of Collapse. I have the black version, a white version also exists.

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