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Wolf Blood – Wolf Blood

Wolf Blood – Wolf Blood

The self-titled EP by Wolf Blood starts of on the wrong foot. ‘Witch’ is their weakest song; so for those who stopped listening at that point, please continue. Because when the band hurles itself into ‘Ochro Ologo’, you know that you’re on to something awesome.

Loud doom with a great balance between Iommy worship and faster, more sludge orientated riffing. They vocals could take some time getting into, but when the band takes their time to create a darkened atmosphere with their songs, you’ll be quickly satisfied. Especially when the harrowing shrieks are put to good use.

The twelve minute long closer ‘Procession of the Witch’ sometimes feels a little bit forced, as if the band desperately wanted to have a long song but seeing how great the rest of the record is, that’s only a small point of criticism.

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