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World Be Free – The Anti Circle

World Be Free – The Anti Circle

Here we go again, a new hardcore supergroup featuring Scott Vogel, Sammy Siegler, Arthur Smilios and Andrew Kline + Joe Garlipp. These men purposely throw it back to the earlier days of hardcore punk with The Anti Circle.

In less than half an hour, the band keeps the listener interested with their variety. Mostly up tempo hardcore punk, sometimes with a stronger focus on melody.

This puts Vogels voice to the test, but mostly he pulls it off (that chorus in the title track for instance). It could take some getting used to for Terror fans though, just check out those first lines of ‘Breakout or Busted’. ‘Sammy’s Mirror and ‘I’m Done’ are the biggest challenges for him, these longer songs are more pop orientated.

With veterans like this you know the drill. Nowhere is World Be Free  an innovative band but boy oh boy, how the pieces fall together with this record. Melodic hardcore punk that never sounds dated or revivalist but catchy and fun! If you are not looking for anything new, this will be right up your alley.

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