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Yellowcard – Lift A Sail LP

Yellowcard – Lift A Sail LP

 Yellowcard’s new record Lift A Sail is a poetic note to the legion of fans that have been loyal. The American outfit throw everything they have into a melting pot of joy, breaking boundaries with sound and style. Lift A Sail sounds so complete and different, there are radical arrangements, burning riffs and memorable notes that flutter like a pair of eyelashes.

Lead singer Ryan Key has penned lyrics that do rhyme and do prosper. His song writing ability has elevated, gone are the simple words. His evocative wordplay will be instantly lapped up, carried forward on the shoulders of pure poetry. It’s about time that the band strayed away from the kiss soaked walls that encased them for so long.

Lift A Sail commences with an infectious interlude. A violin is played with perfection and grace. Then comes Transmission Home, a song that starts with a churned out guitar riff, Key’s vocals are perfectly cropped and in sync with the instrumentals. It’s a wonderful start. Make Me So blasts open the doors to a cunning, driven guitar sequence, Key’s vocals are yet again in great form. The lyrics are nailed to the ragged wood of pessimism, there is a sense of longing heard too. Illuminate morphs from being a standard rock song into a rip roaring, chorus fueled, master-stroke. Lift A Sail is a ballad. It wouldn’t be a Yellowcard album without a emotive, innocent, verse. Key’s vocals are powerful. The song pays homage to the albums concept.

Yellowcard have created an album that is powerful and emotive. One with character and voice.


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