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Young Mountain – We’re drowning in slowmotion

Young Mountain – We’re drowning in slowmotion

Young Mountain is a young band from Sweden. They’ve made some noise for themselves with their demo Fragile and a contribution to a compilation album. We’re drowning in slowmotion is their debut. On this debut we find loads of post-rock influences, some emo and a dash of modern black metal influences (of the Deafheaven kind).

On We’re drowning in slowmotion we find three songs and a hidden track. That hidden track is most post-rockish and doesn’t fit very well with the other songs. There’s no vocals to be found here, just piano and some guitars. This is the kind of stuff you’ll find on post-rock albums in between the songs. Needless to say it doesn’t work well closing the album. But as it is a hidden track I’ll just ignore it. Let’s have look at the three real songs. All songs are well above the five minute mark. Hildedal starts of quietly and is the most emo influenced song of the batch. The clean vocals at the start of the track remind me a bit of Matchbook Romance, but less good. Fortunately the singer quickly shifts to a different approach: he screams his lungs out. He’s got a great and powerful voice when he does that. On Arctic smile, the longest track of the album with 6:30 minutes, the post-rock influences shine through much stronger. Not that strange considering the band is named after This Will Destroy You’s debut EP. Månen Stal Min Själ, the final track (not counting the hidden track) borders on black metal at times and is the hardest track on the album. As on the other tracks though, the band keeps playing with loud/quiet dynamics. This is my favorite track of the bunch. Great stuff!

I can see this band touring with label-mates We Never Learned To Live just fine as these bands have a lot in common. Another nice addition to the Through Love Records roster.

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