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Zeus! – Motomonotono

Zeus! – Motomonotono

What the fuck did I put in my CD-player? That what I thought when I hit the play button and started listening to ‘Motomonotono’? Zeus! is a power duo that definitely isn’t for the weak! With typical Italian bombast, grandeur and “I don’t give a shit” mentality the boys have created ten grinding eruptions and bizarre returning drum/bass patterns (hence the album title!). Essential slow moving soundscapes are used to catch a breath so you don’t suffer from brain damage.

The best example is the minimalist soundscape “Panta Reich”; a tribute to Steve Reich. Slowly increasing in volume you can hold your seatbelts before “All your grind is love” breaks loose. Hard-hitting drums captured in a dry organic sound are blasting their way through the song while the bass is making a rollercoaster adventure no one ever knows if the ride ends safely. On top of that are crazy screaming vocals. Luckily the song lasts for only two minutes.

There is no time for waiting because the insanity continues in “Rococock Fight”. The song shifts towards tension building drum parts and could be the soundtrack of idiots chasing a clown while undergoing the most hilarious and dangerous moves. The song “Shitfing” is also instrumental and it would be a good idea when Zeus! Started a project to create a soundtrack for the most bizarre movie written in history, whether this movie exists or not.

It’s no wonder that their previous album “Opera” and this third album have been released on Justin Pearson’s label Three One G. Zeus! definitely takes the same musical approach as The Locust. They both have no borders in heavy music and keep their sound raw. With some imagination you could say these Italian dudes sound when The Locust would have covered an atmospheric metal/hardcore band and completely demolished and restructured it. Due to the bass lines and sound their Italian brothers of Zu also come to mind.

‘Motomonotono’ ends in style with “Phase Terminale”; ambient loops are placed in between the bizarre and energetic drum & bass patterns that keep moving faster and faster until silence is left. With the intensity of hardcore and grindcore this song goes on and on and grabs your throat.

It’s good to hear there are still bands push their limits in 2015 and broaden musical borders further away. Next album on Ipecac Records, Mike Patton?

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