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15 reasons why you should go to Incubate this year

We’re roughly  a couple of weeks away from a new edition of the Incubate festival in Tilburg. Where some previous editions might have been not that interesting for the readers of this site, the 2015 edition sure looks good enough. Here are 15 reasons  in no particular order why you should come to Tilburg and celebrate a week of cutting edge culture.

  1. Converge. One of three European shows they will play in 2015. And a show in a pretty small venue nonetheless. Go up front and bang your head to songs from All We Love We Leave Behind, the classic Jane Doe and many more.
  2. King Dude. This one man preacher of the church of Lucifer knows how to right great songs as shown on his recently released new record Songs Of Flesh And Blood In The Key Of Light. King Dude was one of the revelations at this year’s Roadburn and now he’s back in Tilburg sharing his devotion.
  3. Cheap Drugs. They pretty much destroyed the Trench-stage at Ieper and were one of the highlights at Crossbonefest. Angst is without a doubt the best European hardcore record released this year.
  4. Jesus Police. Also from Belgium and pretty much beasts on stage. There version of Suicide File meets GG Allin hardcore is something not to miss out on. The band doesn’t play that often so grab that chance to start a circle pit.
  5. The Melvins. Masters of the riff, kings of doom, rulers of punk. Two nights at Incubate with two different sets.
  6. Merzbow with Full of Hell. After the record now comes a very once in a lifetime performance that will leave people with bleeding ears for weeks.
  7. Victims.  Their music is a mashup between punk, hardcore, käng, crust and d-beat. Influenced by Discharge, Motörhead and American hardcore bands from the eighties, they created a black chaos distinctly their own. The band hardly ever plays in The Netherlands so bang your head.
  8. Neneh Cherry. That’s obvious.
  9. La Luz. One of those up and coming bands that will find their way to all the hype festivals in the years to come. All-female quartet La Luz fuse the harmonies of doo wop and girl group pop and use the splashy guitars of surf music and the low-budget keyboards of garage rock. Stage-dives and crowd-surfing grew to be as indelible a part of the La Luz live experience as their onstage doo-wop indebted dance moves.
  10. White Jazz, Supergenius, Partisan. To be honest three reasons in one. Rise And Fall is dead and out of the ashes new bands have risen. Check out the frantic hardcore of White Jazz, the emosound of Supergenius and the punk of Partisan. All at the same festival!
  11. New Moon. Belgian shoegazers with a hardcore background. Just back from touring Europe with Touche Amore and ready to take over Tilburg.
  12. Cairo Liberation Front. Because you can’t be angry and doomy all the time. Grab that towel and party!
  13. Primitive Man. Sludge to the max.
  14. Wire. One of those really old bands who’ve never lost their edge.
  15. Richie Dagger. Local heroes playing a sweaty show in the cellar of one of Tilburg’s hotels. Destined to be one of those gigs people will talk about for months.

This is only a very small list. In total 250 bands will play Incubate in the week of 14 till 20 september. Go visit Incubate for the whole line-up. There are day tickets available as well as free shows for those not able to spend a lot of cash.

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