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2012 Resolution: No more final shows

Another year is almost over. 2012 is on it’s way. It will be another great year to check out new music as much as dwell on the past. With reunion shows of American Nightmare, Verse, The Promise Ring and more announced there’s no stopping the reunion virus once again.

I personally have nothing against bands reuniting. In a way I get it. If you’ve put as much of yourself into playing music it starts to itch sometime. You want to get back on stage, have that outlet that once (two to eleven years ago) meant so much, or it’s the money.

But please people let’s stop doing final or last shows in 2012. Shows where people travel all over the world to see their favorite band one final time. IT’S NOT THE LAST TIME, MORON! Don’t buy that final show shirt or record for ebay’s sake.

Maybe bands that break up or go on hiatus should call it the last show for the coming years or the last show till we’re gone long enough for Groezrock/This Is Hardcore to be attractive to book us.

More cynical people might be on the impression that final shows are a great marketing scheme to get more market worth out of your band:

‘Hey guys we didn’t draw that many people on our last European tour. We sold less shirts.’

‘Really? Let’s call it quits and do nothing for a while. Sing it out for a couple of years.’

‘Five should be enough. We’ll be a legendary band by then and play bigger stages than we’re doing now.’

‘Yeah, maybe we can even do a new record or something.’

‘I don’t know if we should go there. Our last record pretty much sucked.’

So resolution number one for 2012: No more final shows.

And now I’ll leave the final word for Dave Hause:

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  1. Engste said on 2011-12-12

    hmm, ben het er niet helemaal mee eens. hoe je het ook went of keert, de final shows waar ik bij was waren stuk voor stuk erg gaaf… kan me niet voorstellen dat bands besluiten om te stoppen om jaren later weer verder te gaan met als reden; grotere of betere shows. bands krijgen vaak ook mooie aanbiedingen om reunieshows te doen wat vaak juist de aanleiding of een reden is om door te gaan..

    wat ik wel raar vind is dat sommige bands heel hard roepen dat ze geen reunieshows doen en dan jaren later ineens toch ergens een show doen.. zeg dan gewoon niks.

  2. Pim said on 2011-12-12

    And that’s the point Rold is making René 🙂 At least that’s more or less what I read in it.

  3. Nab said on 2011-12-20

    Good point. I totally agree with you (at least until the imaginary conversation). Doing such a fuss about playing a last show is closing the door, once you do that there’s no turning back. That’s why I insisted with my last band that we don’t do last show or even announce a break up. Even if it’s most likely that we will never play again, let’s just let it die instead of killing it and then resuscitate or something.

  4. Just Killing Time said on 2011-12-21


    Two thousand one: we’ll call it quits the band will be done
    Two thousand two: we’ll sell our discography to you
    Two thousand three: we’ll sit back and we’ll count our money
    Two thousand four: two words: REUNION TOUR GO!

    I can’t wait until two thousand ten
    So we can relearn these songs and play them again and again!

  5. Pim said on 2011-12-21

    Right 🙂 That’s the song I (and probably everyone else) thought of right away of course haha.

  6. Onno said on 2011-12-22

    And the greatest thing about the GCF song (which I indeed thought of immediately) is that they kept to the rules and did their reunion tour in 2010 😉

  7. Just Killing Time said on 2011-12-22

    They kept their own rules totally. 2001 the band quit, 2002 the discography came out, 2004 they did reunion shows. Thats awesome.