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2013 according to SWNK

2013 is almost over, time to look back before we all dive feet first into the new year.

First of all: Thanks for sticking around or discovering us this year! In an age where Facebook seems to have taken over the function of most forums / comments it’s good to see people still read / like and spread the things we post on the site. It’s appreciated!

Last time I talked about doing a V4 of the site. That obviously didn’t happen, we ended up with v3.1 or something. So I’m not going to make any false promises this time. We did keep up the posting though. Even at the end of the year we’re not slowing down this time, which is pretty awesome. You’ve got the ‘crew’ (man I hate that word) to thank for that. Without them this would be one hell of an empty site. We’ve sadly saw some people go (as in stopped contributing, no deaths luckily), but it was good to see others stepped up. We’re always on the look-out for people to help us run the site, so if you’re interested, get in touch! (I could copy & paste that line by now).

Anyway, enough about that, time for the lists. Time to see if your band is mentioned hehe. These lists are all over the place, and far from limited to hardcore releases. Winners this year seem to be Daylight – Jar & Deafheaven – Sunbather.



Best albums (random order)
1. Night Birds – Born To Die In Suburbia
2. Deafheaven – Sunbather
3. Alkaline Trio – My Shame Is True
4. Manic Street Preachers – Rewind The Film
5. All Pigs Must Die – Nothing Violates This Nature
6. Touche Amore – Is Survived By
7. Modern Life Is War – Fever Hunting
8. AFI – Burials
9. Black Mask – s/t
10. The Real Danger – Down And Out
11. Defeater – Letters Home
12. Beastmilk – Climax

Best EP
Paint It Black – Invisible
or True Love – ep

Best song
Alkaline Trio – Young Lovers

Best shows
Mindset, Belgium
Kid Dynamite, Groezrock
Final Midnight Souls show
Dinosaur Jr, Eindhoven
Alkaline Trio, Utrecht
Deafheaven, Tilburg

Picked up skateboarding again. 2013 has been a really good year when it comes to new releases. Road trips with Reflections and Shield. Kids going steady. Getting towards starting a new band.

Negative approach
Busy at work means less time for SWNK. Not that many exciting shows. Prices for vinyl increasing every month.



best albums
1. John Moreland – In the throes
2. Fonija – Mojot pekol
3. Calabrese – Born with a scorpions touch
4. Regimen – s/t
5. Pine Barrens – Kingmaker
6. Shevils – Lost in tartarus
7. Doomriders – Grand blood
8. Hollis Brown – Ride on the train
9. Daylight – Jar
10. Night birds – Born to die in suburbia
11. Primitive man – Scorn
12. Cloud rat – Moksha
13. Diemonds – The bad pack
14. Monuments collapse – s/t
15. Tamikrest – Chatma

best ep’s
Hopes – Dying youth
Withers – Lightmares
The Road Home – Too Cold
From Hell – Heresy
Sparrows fall – Maelstrom
Herder – Doomed

best demo
No Gods, No Masters

best song
Nadine Shah – To be a young man

best show
Hellfest in general and NOFX and Red Fang in particular.

the good
buying and moving into my new house.
new assignment at work that’s both demanding and exciting.
writing for SWNK
I’ve heard so mucht great music this year I had a hard time limitting myself to the 15 records listed above. I could have added at least 30 albums that deserve some extra attention.

the bad
The passing away of my grandfather this year.
Worked loads of overtime this year; missed out on some social stuff due to that. And I didn’t skate enough…



Releases (in no particular order)
Haim – Days Are Gone LP
Charles Bradley – Victim Of Love LP
Nibiru – Oxygen Eater 7″
Daylight – Jar
World Collapse – Frost/Casket 7″
Off With Their Heads – Home LP
Nirvana – In Utero – 20th Anniversary Edition 3LP / 4CD/DVD / 2013 mix 2LP
Youth Avoiders – s/t LP
The Kids’ Crusade – Demo
Title Fight – Spring Songs 7″
Client. – I Am Well LP
Society Sucker – The Demo

Best shows
Charles Bradley @ Paradiso, Amsterdam
State Of Mind final show @ Aloys, Eindhoven
Daylight @ Aloys, Eindhoven
Queens Of The Stoneage @ Ziggodome, Amsterdam
Rock Werchter @ Belgium (Charles Bradley, Haim, Trash Talk, Rammstein)
Haim @ Doornroosje, Nijmegen
Scooter @ Goffertpark, Nijmegen

Best 7 inch/EP
World Collapse – Frost/Casket 7″ or Nibiru – Oxygen Eater 7″

Best demotape
The Kids’ Crusade – Demo

Best song
Haim – Forever or World Collapse – Frost

Best movie/DVD
The Walking Dead TV series. I don’t give a fuck about zombies, but I love this TV series (and the comics). ESPECIALLY all the drama people seem to dislike. That’s what the show is all about. The end of Breaking Bad of course. Moviewise I picked up the Dark Knight Trilogy this year does that count? Otherwise “Prisoners” is probably the best film I’ve seen this year.

Best game
Last Of Us / Beyond: Two Souls. I really enjoyed Arkham Origins, but it could/should have been better. GTA V was lots of fun too.

Best zines/books
Hardcore #2 / Lewis Dimmick – This Music / Ball Of Destruction #1
– Batman / The Walking Dead / X-Files comics.

The good… (Harvey Dent)
+ Becoming a godfather to Jax, my little sis his kid. Awesomeness.
+ 03 Webdesign doing even better than last year. Growth is good.
+ Finishing the S&D record we recorded ourselves. And playing shows again (too bad it were only 3 shows).
+ Ajax / Frank de Boer. This needs no explanation right?
+ Batman “The most important thing in life is to be yourself. Unless you can be Batman. Always be Batman.”

The bad… (Two-Face)
– Didn’t make much progress in losing the rest of those unneeded kilo’s / pounds. Lately’s been better though, so I might just get this fixed in 2014.
– While it’s finished, we didn’t release the S&D record yet. Let’s change that in 2014. And more shows please.
– No more The Dark Knight trilogy movies. Hopefully the Superman VS Batman movie will be any good.
– AC Milan’s anti-football, the best team clearly doesn’t always win.


Rik (Just Killing Time)

Best albums
1. Downpresser – Don’t Need A Reason
2. Off With Their Heads – Home LP
3. 18 Miles – Darker Times
4. The Browning – Hypernova
5. Wasted Bullet – Elegy
6. Incendiary – Cost of Living
7. BEAR – Noumenon
8. Fall City Fall – Victus
9. A Day To Remember – Common Courtesy
10. Running Out – Rather Be In Hell

Best EP
Call it Off – Lovers

Best demo
Contrast – Brighter Sight

Best song
Off With Their Heads – Don’t Make Me Go

Best shows
Queenscore, Kaatsheuvel
Apologies I Have None, Jera On Air
The Browning, Edegem
Off With Their Heads, Middelburg
First Blood, Goes
SCOOTAH!, Nijmegen (YEAH!)

The Good
– Saw some awesome shows, had some awesome adventures with friends and had some awesome times with my awesome daughter.
– I started renovating my house, which was long overdue and the result so far is great. I finally feel at home again.

The Bad
– Not much actually. For a grumpy, grouchy Grinch like myself, 2013 was a surprisingly positive year.

The Ugly
– Cancer keeps attacking my immediate family. Fortunately, this attack again was fought off.


Henry (UnionWithTheAbsolute)

Releases top 15 (in no particular order)
Arms Race demo tape (DIY)
Hired Goons demo tape II (DIY)
Assault USA demo tape (Little Future)
Kickback & Vomir split 7” (GSR)
Vigilante – Quality of Life LP (Six Feet Under)
Night Prowler – Psychopath tape (Bedside)
Syndrome 81 demo tape (Backwash)
Voltage – Ain’t Nothing 7” (This Charming Man)
World Collapse – Frost/Casket 7″ (Reaper)
True Head – s/t 12” (Youngblood)
Altercation – s/t 7” (Lush Life)
Mercy Killings – s/t 7” (Beach Impediment)
Starting From Zero compilation LP (Crucial Response)
Skaggs demo tape (Power & Equality)
Bad Karma demo tape (DIY)

Best shows
Empowerment, Barren @ Conne Island, Leipzig (Germany)
Hysterese @ Zoro, Leipzig (Germany)
Foreseen, Power Trip @ PRKL, Helsinki (Finland)
Altercation, District 9, Crown Of Thornz, Judge, Breakdown @ Webster Hall, New York (USA)

Best 7 inch/EP
World Collapse – Frost/Casket 7″

Best demo tape and best new band
Arms Race

Best song
Die Bienenjäger – Tatjana Traurig

Best movie
La grande bellezza (2013)
Laurence Anyways (2012)

Best zines/books
#Hardcore fanzine

The good…
+ weekend trips
+ my old friends
+ my new friends
+ fruit salad (bananas, apples, grapefruit, nuts…)
+ Berlin
+ Leipzig
+ Helsinki
+ NY
+ unreleased B’zrker stuff

The bad…
– racists people like always

Cold World LP, Shin To Shin 12″, Foreseen LP, Machette CD, Mongrel Fest II (Shipwrecked, Arms Race…), Said And Done LP…



The twenty best records of this year:
1. Cult of Luna – Vertikal
2. Russian Circles – Memorial
3. Deafheaven – Sunbather
4. Jesu – Everyday I get Closer to the Light from which I came
5. Dirk Serries – Microphonics XXI-XXV: Mounting Among The Waves, There’s A Light In Vein. The Burden Of Hope Across Thousands Of Rivers
6. Full Of Hell‎ – Rudiments Of Mutilation
7. Daylight – Jar
8. Trentemoller – Lost
9. Follakzoid – II
10. Uncle Acid & the Dead beats – Mind Control
11. Altar of Plagues – Teethed Glory And Injury
12. Satyricon – Satyricon
13. Carcass – Surgical Steel
14. Windhand – Soma
15. Ascetic: – Self Initiation
16. Nails – Abandon All Life
17. Clandestine Blaze – Harmony of Struggle
18. Greg Haines – Where We Were
19. The Body – Christ, Redeemers
20. Earthless – From the Ages

Best shows
1. Boris/Deaf Heaven @ Echoplex, Los Angeles, USA
2. Palms @ Belly Up Tavern, San Diego, USA
3. Deicide @ Whiskey a go-go, Los Angeles, USA
4. Fucked Up @ Casbah, San Diego, USA
5. Maserati @ Soda Bar, San Diego, USA
6. Cattle Decapitation @ The Void, San Diego, USA
7. Amenra @ Roadburn, Tilburg
8. Nihill @ Roadburn, Tilburg
9. Repulsion @ Neurotic Deathfest, Tilburg
10.Follakzoid@ Yellowstock Winterfest, Geel, BE

Best 7 inch/EP
Sex Prisoner – State Property E.P.

Best demotape
Shackles for a Crown – Demo 2013

Best song
Watain – They Rode On

Best movie/DVD
The Ocean – Pelagial – A Film By Craig Murray

Best zines/books
Decibel Magazine for sure

The good…
+ The trips I made back to Dresden and Arizona
+ Working approx. 100 days in San Diego this year
+ Shows and demo release (tape + vinyl) of Throw me in the Crater

The bad…
– Losing my Grandma
– Gained some weight because of living abroad, a good moment to go to the gym next year to lose those kilos
– Too much things at once to combine this year (travelling, girlfriend, friends, band etc)



The 10 best records of this year
1. Bad Religion – True North
2. Masked Intruder – S/T
3. Terror – Live By The Code
4. Face To Face – Three Chords And A Half Truth
5. Rotting Out – The Wrong Way
6. Volbeat – Outlaw Gentlemen And Shady Ladies
7. Sparky’s Revenge – What’s Your Perspective?
8. The Real Danger – Down And Out
9. Old Man Markley – Down Side Up
10. Adolescents – Presumed Insolent

Best shows
* Pennywise @ Melkweg, Amsterdam
* Propagandhi @ Melkweg, Amsterdam
* Cro-Mags @ Ieperfest
* Teenage Bottlerocket @ Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam (supporting Volbeat)
* Friday The 13th Mosh Fest Part II @ De Gloppe, Leeuwarden
* Hatebreed @ Fortarock

Best 7 inch/EP
* 0Fight8 – No More Compassion
* Call It Off – Lovers

Best demotape
* Pantah – Demo 2013

Best song
* Bad Religion – True North

Best movie/DVD
* Jackass: Bad Grandpa

The good…
* The Groezrock management listened to my prayers for 2014: few of my favorite bands such as The Offspring, NOFX, Cro-Mags, Rotting Out and very excited for a shitload of bands like Judge, Screeching Weasel, Madball, Bodyjar, H20, Alkaline Trio and Atlas Losing Grip.
* Coffee never tasted as good as in 2013
* Holiday at Crete w/ girlfriend
* Breaking Bad 10/10

The bad…
* Black Flag @ Ieperfest…
* Was able to catch only one song of Adolescents’ set at Ieperfest due to traffic jams.
* Wasn’t able to see T.S.O.L. at Ieperfest due to traffic jams…
* Traffic jams suck


Louis (L’eau Oui Que)

1. Earl Sweatshirt – Doris
2. Masked Intruder – Masked Intruder
3. Touche Amoré – Is survived by
4. Kanye West – Yeezus
5. This Routine Is Hell – Howl
6. Daylight – Jar
7. Tyler the Creator – Wolf
8. Dave Hause – Devour
9. Oathbreaker – Eros/Anteros
10. Toxic Shock – Daily Demons
11. Nails – Abandon all life
12. Iron Lung – White Glove test
13. Night Birds – Born To Die In Suburbia
14. Drake – Nothing was the same
15. Nick cave & the bad seeds – push the sky away

Best shows
Leftover Crack @ Ieperfest
Jello Biafra @ Ieperfest
Dillinger @ Melkweg

Best 7 inch/EP
Ratking – Wastelander
Paint it Black – Invisible

Best demo tape
Joey Bada$$ – Summer Knights

Best song
Paint it Black – Headfirst
Masked Intruder

Best movie
Haven’t seen that much films this year. Breaking Bad was okay though.

Best zines/books
Jan Boskamp – Geen gezeik, actually not really good but hey it’s Boskamp.

The good…
– Masked Intruder DEF!
– Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein.
– Cambuur being promoted
– First festival experience being not that bad at all (Ieper)

The bad…
– Jerry Only still trying his best to destroy my all time favourite band.
– Tony Sly
– The immense lack of time to write for SWNK
– Gregg Ginn ruining the whole magic around Black Flag, cheers Fucker.
– Black Flag @ Ieperfest, I think I died a bit on that very evening.

– Allready looking forward for Cambuur winning the Eredivisie… Definitely!
– Lawrence Arms dropping Metropole
– Again hoping for a Paint it Black gig
– the investigation for these intruders continues



Run the Jewels – s/t
Deltron 3030 – Event 2
Cannibal Ox – Gotham
The Abductors – Midnight Merauders picture disc
Inspecter 7 – Escapes and Illusions

Deltron 3030 with a live orchestra
Mephiskapheles and Inspecter 7 in Asbury Park
Superbowl of Hardcore 2013

Didn’t pay enough attention this year in 7″s

not technically a demo, but the two Consolation Prize songs are pretty great

Inspecter 7 – They Say

Gimme the Loot

People Talk (zine)
Night Film (book)

The Good
-Moving back to MVNY
-moshing to Altercation at the Superbowl
-Vernon Wells playing second and third base
-Borrowed Time getting back together
-my boss getting me a Yankees season ticket plan as a wedding present

The Bad
-super busy with real world stuff and not as much time to write and create as I would have liked



1. Drake – Nothing Was The Same
2. Nails – Abandon All Life
3. Dead In The Dirt – The Blind Hole
4. Dead Injection – s/t
5. This Routine Is Hell – Howl
6. Incendiary – Cost Of Living
7. Modern Life Is War – Fever Hunting
8. Oathbreaker – Eros | Anteros
9. Deafheaven – Sunbather
10. The Dream – IV Play


Ferdy (Deadpool)

Best downloads this year (I actually own most of the albums so get yer panties out of yer ass).
1. Gozu – The fury of a patient man
2. Windhand – Soma
3. Kvelertak – Meir
4. Iron Lung – White glove test
5. Hoax – Hoax
6. Forsaken – Demo 2013
7. Haust – No
8. Weekend Nachos – Still
9. Portal – Vexovoid
10. Goatess – Goatess

(I guess the new Carcass album should be up there too but I have to choose 10 albums)

Best shows
Eyehategod – Little devil, Tilburg
Windhand – Little devil, Tilburg

The good
– Discovered plenty of good music.
– New job.
– Lot’s of other stuff that I won’t bother you with.

The bad
– Hardcore had a sucky year again. Powerviolence is the place to be. But what the hell do bands like Make do and mend, Nails or Touche Amore have to do with hardcore? Other than that another genre won’t have them? Where the hell is the real agression (okay, Nails sound a bit agressive but not the kind of over the top stuff I like)? Where is the sense of danger? It isn’t as bad the dark times when people thought Justice was more than your local rock-pop training. But now it’s or Terror part 323232 or Sonic Youth infused shoegaze alternative guitar music that gets a hardcore label because the newer kids don’t care and the older people are tired and jaded. I am jaded too but I sing in a band with the worst name since Die Hubbelstuffenglaubers.
– Not having enough time for anything else than work and taking care of the kids.



1 – Tegan and Sara – Heartthrob LP
2 – Red Hare – Nites of Midnight LP
3 – Chestnut Road – Self Titled LP + split 7inches
4 – Coke Bust – Confined LP
5 – True Head – Self Titled 12”
6 – Nails – Abandon All Life
7 – Youth Avoiders – Self Titled LP
8 – Big Eyes – Almost Famous
9 – Vigilante – Quality of Life
10 – Weekend – Jinx LP

Supercrush – “Lifted” b/w “Melt Into You” 7″
Self Defense Family – The Corrections Officer in Me 12”EP
xRepentancex – In Violation Of Aša 7”
Done Dying – Dress For Distress 7”
Done Dying – Shelf Life 7”
Control – School 7”

Vacant State + No Statik + White Lung + Systematik @ Vancouver, BC
Keep It Clear + Column + Clarity + Out of Sight @ Vancouver, BC
Coke Bust + Growing Stronger + Out of Sight + Obacha @ Vancouver, BC
Tegan and Sara + FUN. @ Vancouver, BC
Chelsea Wolfe + True Widow @ San Francisco, CA
Quicksand + Title Fight @ Vancouver, BC
Weekend + Israël Regardie @ Lyon

Records I’m looking forward to in 2014
Circles LP / Devotion new LP / Keep It Clear LP
Praise LP / Not Afraid LP / Out of Sight LP
Cold World new LP / Said & Done – Chinese Forever LP haha
411 Discography on Workshed

The good
+ Living in beautiful Vancouver, BC
+ Working two jobs that I loved at the same time
+ playing in three bands this year (Out of Sight, Spokesman and Israël Regardie).
+ Road trip down the US west coast.
+ Finally buying a legit Gibson Les Paul

The bad
– Leaving everything and moving back to France due to work-visas issue.
– Not contributing to SWNK AT ALL this year :/
– Not putting out a zine in 2013



Best albums
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Push the Sky Away
Deafheaven – Sunbather
Arcade Fire – Reflektor
Touch’e Amor’e – Is Survived By
Modern Life Is War – Fever Hunting
Cult of Luna – Vertikal
Black Sabbath – 13
The Dillinger Escape Plan – One of Us is the Killer
Terror – Live By The Code
Oathbreaker – Eros Anteros

Best EP
Paint It Black – Invisible

Best shows
Cult of Luna, Baroeg
The Smashing Pumpkins, 013
Roger Waters, the Wall live, Amsterdam Arena
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Heineken Music Hall
Black Sabbath, Ziggo Dome


What’s your list? Put em in the comments!


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