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A glimpse of an Earthly Paradise

Adam takes a break from burning forests. Dreamy erotic fiction. Part 6 will be coming after this.

Across the blossoming meadows bursting with tall grass and wildflowers, you will come to an ever present wall of oak trees. As thick as they are, when you find yourself about to breach their threshold against the burgeoning forest, there will be a path. This path was never made by hunters or by any mythological creatures. It is an ancient path, forged by the deer and other nomadic animals on their migratory paths. Trampled by hoof and claw along the rows of briars, after 4 kilometers, lies a dilapidated and centuries-old stone ruins. Ruins that were once inhabited by humans, but have not left so much as a trace of their existence.

4×4 meters cemented together with a mixture of mud-based mortar and bright green moss, the old dwelling still has a glimmer of it’s soul left. It breathes with the seasons. A small grove of walnut trees around the same age as the derelict cottage, almost intertwine themselves enveloping the grounds, shrouding it in partial darkness.

The path ends at a wet grey 1/2 tonne slab of shale sunken in around 10 centimeters in the earth. Flaked away from heavy footwork at this once bustling place. The stones that comprise these ruins are a deep and saturated grey stained by different hues of lichen brought up from the forest floor. They have colonized the outside since the dwelling was erected. Boulders ranging from 1-20 kilos make for a splendidly bulbous appearance to the facade.

A slight green-yellowish glow softly pokes through loose stone and a small opening which used to circulate air.A bitter almond smells fill the air around the glow. Too dull to tell where the illumination begins, but too bright to view it’s nucleus. The light emits an aura a bit like a mild electrocution. What to really make of it’s origins is anyone’s guess.

There is no roof, for it had caved in and been reclaimed by the forest. A touch of the thatch that is left was set alight years ago by a single lightning strike. Charred tips of stones reveal it had been blackened by wood burning somewhere around the south-west corner of the building. Bones of what once were feral animals litter the grounds on every side.

When stepping closer and trying to catch a glimpse of the inside, through the eroded mortar and missing stones the smell of pastries fills your nostrils. Not just any pastries but cakes. Baking of fresh cakes with a vibrant almost overpowering almond scent. Simply intoxicating, you thrust your tongue out to taste what you smell. Following the scent as you circle the house trying to get a better view, you begin to revive thoughts of the once glowing light you had seen.

It is now gone, but high noon has perforated the canopy of trees overhead as much as it can. Hoping for just another brief glance of the light you keep investigating. Just before you see a break in the rubble of a wall, your heart begins to race. This abrupt feeling starts to accompany mild respiratory distress. You kneel down now tightly clutching handfuls of a dark brown earth with moist leaves. White- knuckled and slowly gasping for air, you fall on your side curled in the fetal position. Spasms come like gradual waves ascending up the body starting from your toes. Lying parallel to the foundation of the ruins you lose control of your bodily functions, choking, only receiving fractions of previous inhalation attempts. The mind has set into a full fledged panic. Thoughts come in tiny pieces never completing. Vision has almost completely blurred to a watercolor like mess. Trying to scream for help but the spasms have your teeth clenched so tightly teeth begin to slowly fracture sending bits of enamel into the throat. This immediately triggers gag reflexes. In combination with the exposed raw nerves and the acidity of saliva, it brings new floods of pain. Esophagus filling with vomit making its way to your throat, will you be able to expel this or will you choke? A deafening scream resonates within the nerve wracked head. The vomit has made its way up the throat and pushes hard against the fracturing and bleeding teeth. The pain is unlike anyone has ever experienced. The contractions of muscles are so pronounced they tear ligaments and muscles inside and the sound of it echoes and compounded with the screams already in your brain. Ripples of napalm like burning sensations are sent up the entire length of the body. Fingers are contorting in ways you have never thought possible. A slight trickle of vomit is sent out in between the inner cheeks and broken teeth as they swell with bile and the last meal. Nostrils burn terribly from the thick bile oozing out. Kck! Kck! Kck! Kck! Vision finally fails. Breathing has completely ceased. Only seconds after crumbling to the ground, your life is now over.

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