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Blast From The Past: Raybeez Memorial Festival

On September 11th 1997, Raymond “Raybeez” Barbieri, iconic frontman of NYHC heroes Warzone, died in a Veterans Health Administration facility at the age of 35, suffering from liver damage as a result of severe pneumonia. A year and a day later, community center De Boeckel in Maastricht, The Netherlands was host to the Raybeez Memorial Festival. Theo from The Noizz Music Company, together with Right Direction singer Dave Reumers, managed to gather over 25 bands, Dutch and international, playing 2 stages (in the main room and in the basement) to a sold out house. 25taLife filled the place to the brim and the remaining members of Warzone flew in to play a set with guest appearances from almost all the vocalists of the day.

If Raybeez was looking down on the procedings that day, there is no doubt he fully approved, because his message of brotherhood and unity could be felt throughout the building and seen on the faces of the crowd all day. The fest proved you could sell out a bigger venue with mainly European hardcore bands in The Netherlands and thus paved the way for the European Hardcore Parties and Summerfests in Eindhoven and Maastricht in the following years.

It’s hard to imagine this by now legendary event (at least to those who experienced it) took place exactly 15 years ago today. Our reader Karin recently opened her photo vault and dug up some cool pictures chronicling the Raybeez Memorial, that she gladly shared with us. We even found audio of the full set by Backfire! on Youtube.

So don’t forget the struggle, don’t forget the streets, don’t sell out and enjoy this blast from the past.




Source video: 90s MetalCore






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Warzone + Friends

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  1. XemonerdX said on 2013-09-13

    We played there as well, Marco from VOT did vocals on our Warzone cover IIRC. I bought a random sXe t-shirt from Rick ta Life’s gigantic merch table, heh, dude always brought a clothing store’s worth of merch with him. Pretty happy I got to see Warzone with Raybeez a bunch of times. RIP (as well as Onno Cro-Mag and Ritchie Backfire, since they’re in some of the pics).

  2. Just Killing Time said on 2013-09-14

    In fact, I did not even see the Warzone + Friends show, since I was in the basement partying during the insanely drunk VOT show. They showed up late because of car troubles and had to play the basement last. At one point there were 4 drummers behind the drumkit at the same time, haha. (“Onder leiding van Corrrrrr Bakkeeerrrrrr!”) VOT was and is one of my favourite Dutch bands ever and that show is a classic.

    What band did you play in xemonerdx? (since I have no clue who you are, haha)

  3. XemonerdX said on 2013-09-14

    I was the singer of Disdain.