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When You Burn A Forest….Part 2

Part 2 of Adam’s continuing open letter to Erika…

In these moments one can think that truly your demise is steadfast and overwhelming, so you manage to barely accept your fate. If you refuse such an exuberant light, a purgatory of grey will tear your kidneys right open on the streets and make you beg, recalling the first moments of this story. As it all began a few years ago with some sort of nearly fatal destiny, so I must recall the beginning.

It was an almost visceral time when the mushrooms grew and a collection seemed out of necessity. For an immigrant, life, it was at least decent. A plausible income lies underneath Polish cooperation and lazy Norwegians which would reveal much as it turns out. Good thing everyone keeps their mouths shut. Much talk resides around immigrant circles but it never trickles down to us. We are the few. Over-educated, under-skilled and under-payed: our modus operandi. We creep into every facet of your dwelling spaces. The resonant few who lie dormant because we are of the same caste as diseased vermin. They have rejected us, as we are almost part of a system similar to that of medieval India. Not exactly, because I must very briefly touch upon our ancestors journey, because that is an allusion to our future. We came from lands with different creeds and laws and at the time, whether it was under Napoleon’s rule, or whether it came from as early as the dreaded and brutal British times of genocidal colonialism. Sorry for being side tracked. We are lucky to be alive. That is a given. Life was so abundant and so radiant at that period that looking ahead was like gazing into the sun. Aside from that, living single in a life where you are doing whatever you want, one may make a decision that appears to feel rational at the time. You never really seem to weigh the consequences at first now do you? You sometimes hardly encounter a fellow foreigner.

Her demeanor suggested a supreme presence. She came there with an objective: An idea for her personal control of the situation. Straight forward, unreserved and unapologetic. It was if she was emboldened by my invitation into my room. Beautiful as she was and sweaty, coming from a conservative background and coming from the “The Bible Belt” kept me from immediately initiating any sexual act. As the sweat poured down her back I wanted to see what she was all about. We had been in the same company a few times but I had never noticed her before. Cunning and confident she had laid beside me for many hours. She had come for me this time. A quiet one who had waited patiently for me. I had been with another earlier, so she sat like a cat, waiting to pounce. Now was her opportunity! Skrak! Her time to indulge in the feast. I had never seemed to find myself as being a tramp, but I was afraid as was the moment we embraced. So close to trembling thinking (Is this her?) amidst slumbering for hours. So many thoughts going through my mind, as the almost had came as quickly as I had passed through Customs. It had been a few moons since my last relationship. She had waited for singularity for a while herself. For me there had been a significant gap since my last US lovers, and they tended to be lukewarm. She came fresh as a extra segment of sunlight. Her presence came voraciously and unrelenting. The agenda in her mind was quite hidden from sight but I could feel something was about to happen. Erika was about to save my life from before…

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