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Crucial mosh-outfit giveaway – Caliban at the Effenaar

Have you been getting bad looks in the moshpit lately? Feeling ‘Out of step’ maybe? Simply because your outfit wasn’t hip enough?

We know it’s crucial to stay up to date with the latest fashion in hardcore, so together with the Effenaar we might be able to solve this ‘little’ problem for you.

Since Caliban is playing the Effenaar on the 26th of February with Winds Of Plague, Eyes Set To Kill, We Butter The Bread With Butter and Attila we can giveaway a proper mosh-outfit.

The Effenaar donated 2 shirts (if it stays this cold you better wear the both of them together) and some nice mosh shorts for you. Just look below, do you see yourself moshing already? We do. You deserve this outfit. Repeat after me, “I deserve this outfit”.

All jokes aside, here’s how you can win this. It’s simple. Just put a message like this on your Twitter or Facebook:

I want that Caliban moshoutfit @swnkzine & @effenaar are giving away. 26th of February – Caliban @ Effenaar –

You can copy that one, or come up with your own (can be in your own language). As long as your message has the following:

– A link to the flyer
@swnkzine (on Twitter) or @Some Will Never Know (Facebook) mentioned (otherwise we can’t monitor your submissions)

As far as we’re concerned you can also try multiple times, whatever floats your boat. We’ll pick one random winner  on the 18th of February (which means you can participate until midnight on the 17th) and the Effenaar will make sure you’ll get your mosh outfit in time for the show, so you can outshine em all.

Good luck!

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