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Dutch hardcore scene visualized – version 2

Last month we posted the first version of our “Dutch hardcore scene visualized” article, the response (additions, corrections, likes etc.) was awesome. We quickly replied that we would update it within a week (or two), and of course that turned out to take a bit longer… But here it is, the new and improved version.

Yordi had the following to say about this update:

“First of all: great to see all the responses on the investigation and visualization I did last month, but just as I expected; some bands were missing or not labeled the right way. So to everyone who contributed and reported missing bands or incorrect information; thanks a lot! This proves some – yep, I’m just going to throw in some buzzwords in here – cool hc-community-crowdsourcing.

Anyway, the main goal of this project was to present the current hardcore scene in the Netherlands as complete as possible. With over thirty updates in the map/database I guess I’m closer to achieving this goal. I clearly missed a lot of bands in Friesland in the first version, which proves to be an area with an growing community with lots of new bands and releases. The same with a couple of bands from Zeeland and some acts who just started but are definitely worth mentioning. Anyway, check the full list out below and enjoy clicking on the map!”

The following bands were added:

Wasted Bullet / Tilburg
Backbreaker / Kaatsheuvel
Call It Off / Eindhoven
uMad / Breda
Pigteeth / Breda
Lockdown / Breda
Bare Hands / Breda

Rites / Middelburg
Bad Ragaz / Middelburg

Better Off / Stein

Swim Or Drown / Heerenveen
When Walls Collapse / Heerenveen
Cold Blooded / Heerenveen
Pinheadz / Ameland
13 Steps / Drachten
Stonehawk / Sneek
Bad Attitude / Leeuwarden
Pantah / Leeuwarden
0Fight8 / Leeuwarden

Local Spastics / Amsterdam
My City Burning / Amsterdam

As Prayers Fail / Rotterdam
From The Heart / Rotterdam
Zachte G Harde P / Rotterdam

Through The Struggle / Nijmegen

Making it a total of 113 bands right now.

About the viz
This is version 2, an update of version 1. The geolocation of a certain band is based on their ‘hometown’ as specified in their bio. The size of the bubble – to indicate the ‘importance’ of a certain band – depends on a little math thingy I did: it’s the sum of the years of existence, the amount of released demos/7”/ep’s/full lenghts plus eventually an qualitative correction. Note that I don’t have a degree in ‘hardcoremathics’ or something, so if a bubble isn’t big enough, well, fine. I probably forgot some bands, if you think a band who’s not in this viz should be included, let me know!

Sources: SWNK, 3voor12, MusicFrom, Friesland Pop,, invididual band sites.
Fullscreen: Fullscreen version of the map.
Download data: The ‘clean sheet’ in PDF-format, since I got some requests from bookers for a summarized view of the data.

Visualization made by Yordi Dam.

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  1. Just Killing Time said on 2013-09-17

    Great update! I still can think of bands that are missing and that’s a positive thing! The Dutch scene is much bigger than people give it credit for.

  2. Pim said on 2013-09-17

    Feel free to let us know which bands are missing 😉

  3. Roelof said on 2013-09-17

    Deventer/Hengelo: Grown Cold
    Twente: Troops of Doom

  4. Goran said on 2013-09-17

    Why are the dots different in size. Based on what?

    • Pim said on 2013-09-17

      Read Goran. Read.

    • plaguesplagues said on 2013-09-17

      The size of the bubbles indicates how ‘big’ the band is. It’s not a quantitive thing to measure really, but this is how I ‘calculated’ it:

      “About the viz
      The geolocation of a certain band is based on their ‘hometown’ as specified in their bio. The size of the bubble – to indicate the ‘importance’ of a certain band – depends on a little math thingy I did: it’s the sum of the years of existence, the amount of released demos/7”/ep’s/full lenghts plus eventually an qualitative correction. Note that I don’t have a degree in ‘hardcoremathics’ or something, so if a bubble isn’t big enough, well, fine.”

    • Goran said on 2013-09-17

      Sorry I have not read the previous post. But I would not actually have to do this because this infographic would have to speak for itselves

      you can show how many albums a band has released and how long they exist. in a bubble In many different ways. Now it is determined on intuition.

      If you made a math calculation of it, it should be displayed in the infographic.To give an explanation.

      I like the idea to visualize the hardcore scene. But it could be so much better

      • Pim said on 2013-09-17

        Oh no doubt it could be better. It can always be better. It could be worse too though 🙂 And you’ll have to take the limitations of the scripting software used and the time available to the people doing this in account too.

        Suggestions on how / what to improve are appreciated though! You know where to find me 😉 or maybe get in touch with Yordi directly to see what’s possible.

      • plaguesplagues said on 2013-09-17

        Since I am a infographic designer for some newspapers as well – where correctness of the data is even more important ofc – I know the importance of explaining maps and legends. But there’s a reason why I chose to not include the sum I made in a legend: it’s no ‘cold hard data’, but a indicator to show where relative young and new bands are located + some older, more established or ‘more popular’ bands are from. For instance; the number behind Cornered is ’11’. I could have put that in the legend, but it simply doesn’t say anything. What is ’11’? It doesn’t add anything to story. The number behind the bubbles is something to create a visual perception of where the ‘bands w/ bigger impact’ bands are located. Just to show trends based on region en to show clusters in a certain region. Not to show absolute numbers.

        I could have made the decision to use the same size for every band, but I didn’t want to do that because that would exclude this – in my opinion – interesting layer of data.

        And ofc, there are more advanced way of doing this, and there’s always a ‘Tufte rule’ ( to relate to but this was my shot at using a visualisation to show patterns, clusters and the results of a ‘snapshot of the current hc’ scene 🙂

  5. Mike Hutjens said on 2013-09-17

    Run Like Hell / Zeeland

  6. Dennis said on 2013-09-17

    Galbak & Gnadab from Alphen a/d Rijn

  7. kjkepel said on 2013-09-17

    Sjiek! here are some bands that didnt make it to the list so far, but definitly worth adding:
    – Amsterdam: The Shining, Nuclear Devestation, Tense Reaction, Buiten Gebruik
    – Haarlem: De Aanslag
    – Tilburg: Milkman
    – Sevenum: Radio Bikini

  8. The Threat said on 2013-09-17

    Hey guys, From the Heart (Rotterdam) was added but I cannot find it on the map?
    Is it the bubble in the bubble of AS PRAYERS FAIL?

    • Pim said on 2013-09-17

      This is an interesting one haha… Yordi?

    • plaguesplagues said on 2013-09-18

      FTH is definately added but the geocoder I used isn’t that accurate sometimes so that could be possible. Tomorrow i’ll fix the bugs + additions as stated above 🙂 Lets make this map (+database/file) the most accurate document of what’s going on in ‘HCNL’ right now! 🙂 Thanks For all the comments guys!

  9. plaguesplagues said on 2013-09-18

    A quick fix. Added bands:

    Mary Fields / Utrecht

    State My Case / Tilburg
    Rebuilding Memories / Someren
    March / Breda
    Team Wasted / Breda

    Angry Old Wankers / Roffa

    Buiten Gebruik / Amsterdam
    Tense Reaction / Amsterdam
    Nuclear Devastation / Amsterdam
    The Shining / Amsterdam
    De Aanslag / Haarlem

    Lawine / Nijmegen

    Radio Bikini / Sevenum

    Which makes it a total of 126 bands (for now)

  10. plaguesplagues said on 2013-09-18


    0181 Beatdown / Spijkenisse

    Weekend Love / Haarlem
    Stabbing Device / Haarlem
    We Are The Doctors / Haarlem

    The Assange / Nijmegen
    The Minority / Nijmegen

    Which makes it a total of 133 bands atm!

  11. Bas van den Wijngaard said on 2013-09-18

    Appendix / Bergen op Zoom / Brabant

  12. marckDTC said on 2013-09-18

    Defy The Crown/Waalwijk Noord Brabant
    Witness The Fall/waalwijk Noord Brabant
    Discreator/kaatsheuvel Noord Brabant

  13. Guido said on 2013-11-30

    Tech9 quit

  14. Nico said on 2014-05-30

    What would be awesome is too add the dimension of time to it.
    so you can see what the map was like in 2004/1994/1984/1977.