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Exclusive stream: New Morality – No Morality

Sorry for the downtime people, but we should be back now… Fingers crossed 😉

And as much as I hate the word ‘exclusive’ (aside from the news, we try to keep everything exclusive on this site), here’s another SWNK exclusive 😉

New Morality have been around since 2005 and have just released their new record “No Morality”. The CD version is out on Demons Run Amok right now, but the vinyl version on Carry The Weight is slightly delayed. For everyone waiting for the vinyl and everyone else that wants to check them out, press play below to stream the entire new record. And then go pick it up on CD or vinyl.

Also keep an eye on the site for interview with the band, should be online any day now.

This stream will be available until the end of the year (or sooner, if the people who believe the Mayans weren’t just lazy with their calendars were right).


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