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HC scene urges popular bands to break up

We at SWNK have got our hands on an email send by the executive director of the United Hardcore Scene. In the mail the director urges popular hardcore bands to break up soon.

Madball, Terror, Bane, H20 and Defeater were amongst the high profile bands to receive the mail. When asked about the idea behind said mail a spokesperson of the United Hardcore Scene replied as follows:

‘It’s simple. We’re running out of big bands who can do a reunion show. That means we’re running out of headliners for big fests. Our proposition towards Terror, Bane and the likes is that they stay in-active for at least 5 years. They’ll receive an additional number of dollars for each year that they’re able to pass the 5 year mark before reuniting.’

When asked which bands are almost due to reunite the spokesperson admitted the United Hardcore Scene was negotiating with Kill Your Idols. ‘From the Rev catalogue we only have Side By Side and Inside Out left. Have Heart and Champion are high on our list as well.’

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