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Hjerteinfarkt. 2.

Again we fire shots.
Bloated the farm rots.
Bootlegged goods men survival.
Rebar obstructed your bible.
Sold jesus to the greeks?
Mothers and weeping for simple beliefs.
Varying shades of grey radiate the skies.
Again another neighbor dies.
Forced march unlike Bataan.
Bulldozers plowing betong.
Too poor to reconstruct?
Denied access to the ancient acqueduct.
Hospitals floating from salinity.
Debt undergoing cosmetic surgery.
Kardashian estates…
Followed by counterfeit license plates.
Snipers that kill children.
Cancel the aid from the pilgrim.
Humanity flashes a short breath.
Even the cover of darkness hides no death.
Scared as shit, without a home.
They party as if it was Nero’s Rome.
Wake you up at night?
Sorry, Permits secured. Alright.
Just a love letter from a friend.
Filling the rubbish bin.
Wisdom sets as the mind replapses.
Retribution swift: Economy collapses.
Smash a tunnel and save a child.
Starve the wicked. Banished to the wild.
First world problems for an olive tree.
Suckling the teet. Milk and honey are free.

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