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Husker Du covered and then some

It may come as no surprise that I hail Husker Du as a way better band than other bands that shaped punk as we know like Black Flag and Bad Brains. If you’re unfamiliar with their music I’d suggest you go and listen to¬†Zen Arcade, Flip Your Wig, New Day Rising or one of their other great records.

I’m not the only one who loves the noisy trio from Minneapolis. Husker Du has been covered by a lot of bands. Here are some you might know or not:

Probably the most well known Husker Du cover is ‘Diane’ by Therapy?

Lesser known is the stripped down version by Gravenhurst:

Green Day is another famous trio who covered a Husker Du song:

British shoegaze/indie band Catherine Wheel (featuring Rob Dickinson, the cousin of Iron Maiden’s Bruce) covered the same song:

As well as Fireside, one of the most overlooked bands ever to emerge from the Swedish hardcore scene:

Staying up north, Entombed did a pretty good rendition of ‘Something I Learned Today’

Whereas the Norwegian progrockers of Motorpsycho went for ‘New Day Rising’:

As did the British singer-songwriter Robert Palmer:

Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters in many interviews expressed the influence Husker Du had on his life. It’s no that surprising that he covered one of their songs as well:

Anthrax covered ‘Celebrated Summer’:

And I’ll finish up this piece of writing with one of the other genuine great later hardcore bands covering Husker Du, Lifetime:




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