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Incubate 2011 wrap up

Pfew that’s over, now get those damn pianos out of our city and ban artists, weird bands and music freaks for another year.

Seriously over the years the Incubate festival in Tilburg has grown a lot. In my opinion this year’s edition was the best one so far. Placing over hundred piano’s all over the city was a good idea. Though it was kind of a hassle this past week to go into town with my kids for some groceries and stopping at one piano after the other because they wanted to play.

Another great idea was centering a big part of the hardcorebands on one day and in one venue. Though one could argue if the ticketprice wasn’t a bit too much. Maybe next year it’s an idea to have people buy either a ticket for the whole Incubate festivities or a lesser priced ticket only for the hardcorefest.  The venue was perfect for this kind of show and the food was too damn good.

So how about some highlights?

My first one is the screening of the documentary Noise and Resistance. Though the movie doesn’t cover a lot of new ground it was kind of interesting to hear and see people from different DIY communities talk about their way of life. The parts about the anti-fascist Russian scene made a big impression on me.

Due to babysitters bailing out last moment (thanks Mom) I didn’t see all the things I wanted yet Michael Azerrad’s lecture at the DIY conference on Friday was another highlight for me. The author of Our Band Could Be Your Life talked for over an hour about bands like The Minuteman, Minor Threat and Black Flag. He made some great statements on independent music ‘there’s no such thing as independent. Those bands really depended on each other and the network they created.’ Azerrad also talked about the fact that because of digitalism bands don’t need big record labels anymore to create a world wide fanbase. ‘Bands nowadays have the power to be really political and outspoken. Even more so than the bands I wrote about in Our Band Could Be Your Life. Yet, there still are indie bands who prefer to be sponsored by a brand like Mountain Dew. I don’t know if you know that drink but it’s full of sugar and really bad for your health.’

Without a doubt for most of the visitors of this site the Hardcore Fest on Saturday was their highlight. Though I didn’t manage to see all the bands I know that This Routine Is Hell kicked ass, No Turning Back brought the place down, New Morality came back from the US better than ever and Anchor is one of the best European bands around at the moment. Then again what we we’re all waiting for was Trial. And they were better than expected:

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