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Mainstrike – Ieperfest 1997

Is there anything cooler than doing a random search on Youtube and finding footage from a show you never even knew someone taped? I sure was surprised to come across the whole live set from Mainstrike at the Ieperfest 1997. At the time especially the Belgian hardcore scene was dominated by the H8000 metal sound. Mainstrike were one of the few bands playing straight up youth crew hardcore and I loved it. Being new kids on the scene a whole group of Dutch straight edgers looked upon Mainstrike as our somewhat goofy older brothers. The band had a big influence on me and my peers. Because of their sound the band certainly stood out on Ieperfest. But the kids loved it.

Now Ieperfest 97. It was one of the, if not the last, edition of the summerfest that actually took place in the small Vort N Vis club. The fest was a lot more underground then. There were no big American hardcore bands playing. It was mainly a gathering of (vegan) straight edge kids who were very political at the time.

Now go and enjoy the Mainstrike set.



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