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Mixtape #2

Like issue #1, issue #2 has a mixtape printed again.

I’m going to use the same descriptions I printed in the zine. I think I fixed some of the stupid mistakes though (I absolutely hate it when I find errors after I did send off the stuff to the printer)… Here we go:

01. No Warning – Bad Timing
Suffer, Survive is my favorite No Warning record. I said it. Hard riffs, catchy choruses. All I need. “It sounds like Linkin Park” boohoo.

02. Monsula – Firecracker
“This sounds like Blink 182 idiot!” Catchy bassline, emotional driven vocals. I never hear anybody talk about this band. I love em.

03. Rain – That Time Of Year
DC post-hardcore or whatever you want to call it. Reminds me of Dutch Union Town and vice-versa of course. Great melodies.

04. Restless Youth – Cold Hearted
Bad Brains, Stooges and MC5 can be mentioned as influences. But let’s just call them the best band from the Netherlands of the past couple years. I miss this band.

05. Supertouch – Better
I’m SIKED for the European shows. This (with Searching For The Light of course) is my favorite Supertouch song I think.

06. Youth Avoiders – Control
Sometimes you hear a band out of nowhere and instantly love them. We played with these guys in France and they were great. Devo cover and all.

07. The Dwarves – I Will Deny
Punkrock. Gotta love the Dwarves.

08. Age Of Kali – Breaking Point
Before there was Rot In Hell, there was this short-lived project called Age Of Kali. I’m usually not into this kinda stuff, but I LOVE this demo/7″. Don’t know why.

09. Beyond – One Kind Word
Stop fucking around man – I’m not fucking around. – DEEEEEEEEEEW IT! That bassline!

10. Feed – Grove
Another short-lived project. Only Living Witness style. So you know I love it.

11. Icepick – Undead
Another band I’m going to miss. Total Cro Mags / Bad Brains / True Blue worship. In a good way.

12. 4 Walls Falling – Culture Shock
CULTURE SHOCK. The beginning of that song is so recognizable. I want to cover this.

13. Deftones – Be Quiet And Drive (Far Away)
“THAT’S NU-METAL BOY”. Who cares. Saw them live twice recently and was amazed both times. The riff in this chorus is great.

14. Atom And His Package – I’m Downright Amazed At What I Can Destroy With Just A Hammer

15. Both Worlds – Hate Mantra
This ‘superband’ ¬†should have released a lot more.

16. Brand new – Sowing Season (Yeah)
Just put this song on at max volume and you’ll know why it’s included.

Oh and here’s the download link I found:

If you like what you hear, please buy the records these songs are taken from. You won’t regret it and you’re supporting the bands / artists.

PS > If bands or labels want me to take down any of these songs I’ll see what I can do. I’m not hosting these files myself. Just get in touch.

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