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Mixtape #3

Both issue #1 and issue #2 came with a link to a mixtape. People seemed to like it, so here’s a new one. A nice mix of (pretty) well known songs and maybe some lesser known gems. As always it’s far from strictly hardcore.

01. Weezer – My Name Is Jonas
A little bit of Weezer never hurted anyone. The blue album always puts a smile on my face. Little sidenote trivia: Windows ’95 had the videoclip of “Buddy Holly” on the official CD-ROM. Cool to know huh? Right.

02. Temptations – Papa was a rolling stone
“You’re pushing it dude, this has nothing to do with hardcore”. True. Who cares. Great music is great music. I remember sitting in the back of my parents car and hearing this song on some compilation tape. One of the first songs I actually remember listening to.

03. Andrew W.K. – Party Hard
I think he’s huge in the USA. I heard this song on MTV or something ages ago and I loved it. It’s a far cry from the ‘let’s change the world’ lyrics I love in hardcore, but how can you not love this song with lyrics like that. Dude’s insane too.

04. Charge – Living In Kaos / Love VS Hate
This band should have still been together and they should have come to Europe. I’m afraid it’s never going to happen, but in the meantime I’ll keep jamming Universal Tribe, or any of their other releases. Bad Brains mixed with Rage Against The Machine or something. This song has always been my favorite because of the reggae part on the end.

05. Creedence Clearwater Revival – Have You Ever Seen The Rain?
I love the Beatles, and the Doors, but to me Creedence is my favorite ‘old’ band. That voice is just unreal. Gritty but still melodic. I love a track like Fortunate Son, but for some reason I keep putting on Have You Ever Seen The Rain when I want to put on a single track (it never ends with one track though).

06. Leeway – Foot The Bill
Everyone’s always talking about Born To Expire. But Leeway has some other great records, the one that’s insanely underrated is Open Mouth Kiss. We tried covering this song with Said And Done and as much as I loved doing it, I was the one that bailed out on this track. Eddie’s vocals on this song were just a tad too high for me, I kept fucking it up. Still love this track though. Probably the most melodic Leeway record. Great riffs, amazing groove. Dare I say my favorite Leeway record?

07. Modern Life Is War – Clarity
Man. My Love, My Way hit me hard. I remember seeing them @ 013, Tilburg (NL) on a big stage and thinking, this is pretty good, but I can’t wait to see them in a smaller setting. Quickly after that they played the Goudvishal in Arnhem (NL) and they blew me away. The records after that were good and I love the fact Harm joined them on guitar later on, but I lost interest in them for whatever reason. I did love the song D.E.A.D.R.A.M.O.N.E.S. though. Either way, I’ll never forget those shows they did in the Goudvishal.

08. Quicksand – Omission
Now that’s a band I would love to see live. Just love this style of music. Best Quicksand memory? Shouting “QUICKSAND!” to Sergio when he played an amazing show with the Deftones in Amsterdam and see his smile. It’s Quicksand related, so it counts.

09. Circle Storm – Only Time Will Tell
I love Chain Of Strength, especially Impact is an incredibly strong song. But Circle Storm gets a lot less talk, I have no idea why because the two releases they did are both great if you ask me. You gotta love the drama in Curtis voice.

10. Arkangel – In The Embrace Of Truth
I listened to a lot of metalcore and while I I hardly listen to it anymore, Arkangel tracks (aside from their last record) still get my blood boiling. It’s just pure agression and hatred for human kind, distilled into a track. I must have listened to these tracks a million times. I never knew them when they still had principles (or pretended to), so that never put me off.

11. Section 8 – Chapter 11
Try to listen past the crappy recording quality. What you’ll hear is a Life Of Agony kinda band, only heavier. And I love it.

12. Head Automatica – Beating Heart Baby
 I never got into any other songs they did, but this song is so damn catchy. I think it featured the American Nightmare bassplayer or something?

13. The Wipers – Over The Edge
Nirvana before there was Nirvana. I know I’m not giving them enough credit with that, but remember that remark is coming from a huge Nirvana fan. The Wipers are great, really melodic but they’ve got that raw edge you gotta love.

14. Fu Manchu – Evil Eye
Time to bang your head.

15. Miltown – Jumping Someone Else’s Train
The minute the vocals come in you’re hooked. It’s Jonah Jenkins and by now I guess you all know I’m a sucker for his voice. Aside from Only Living Witness, Milligram and the brutal Raw Radar War he’s doing now, he also sang for Miltown. I don’t know why, but I keep going back to their version of the Cure song.

Oh and here’s the download link I found:

If you like what you hear, please buy the records these songs are taken from. You won’t regret it and you’re supporting the bands / artists and labels.

As always, if bands or labels want me to take down any of these songs, let me know and I’ll see what I can do. I’m not hosting these files myself. Just get in touch!

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