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Mixtape #4

It’s been ages since we did a mixtape on SWNK. So here’s a playlist for your ‘I’m-pretending-to-work-but-my-mind-is-set-on-weekend-mode-for-quite-some-time-now’ moments today.

The First Step – Time To Understand
Holy shit. What a way to open a record. IT’S TIME. TIME TO UNDERSTAND. “What We Know” is from 2006 already. I remember opening up the American lay-out in Photoshop and fooling around with it for the European press on Not Just Words Records. Feels like that was yesterday. Time flies.

Cut The Shit – Harmed And Dangerous
I don’t know much about this band to be honest, but apparently they had members of The Dillinger Escape Plan and Bones Brigade. I just know this is the kind of fast hardcore I DO love. “I FEEL HARMED AND FUCKING DANGEROUS”.

Battalion of Saints – Fighting Boys
While we’re going fast, here’s another fast one. This is a band I rarely hear people talk about. Don’t know why, because this stuff’s great. “Fighting boys have no choice but to FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT”

White Lung – Glue
Most of the time I’m not a big fan of ‘heavier’ (not that White Lung is that heavy) bands with female singers. But before you’ll throw a “SO YOU HATE ALL WOMEN?” my way.. Luckily there are exceptions. White Lung is one of those exceptions. Teun introduced me to this band with his review of Sorry and I’m glad he did. One of my favorite records of last year.

The Dwarves – I Will Deny
Punk O Rama 4. That’s all you need to know. The minute I heard that song I was in love with the Dwarves.

Green Day – Basket Case
There’s no such thing as listening to “Dookie” too much. You’ll probably skip the rest of the playlist and type “Green Day – Dookie” into YouTube to go listen to the entire album now. Can’t blame you.

Justice – Light In The Dark
This one was a request by Furby (Deadpool) 🙂 In all seriousness, Justice made some great records. Vocally “Escapades” doesn’t do much for me (the music is great), but aside from that I pretty much love every single release they did.

Off With Their Heads – Nightlife
From their latest record “Home“. Sometimes you hear a band and everything just clicks. That’s what I had when I heard “Nightlife”. Dude’s voice is awesome, music is great and while the lyrics are really dark their videos are pretty funny. Or at least weird. But I don’t have to tell you that kinda stuff, because apparently I’m the last person in the world to discover Off With Their Heads. Glad I did though.

Fuel – Disengaged
If you like Fugazi, you’ll probably dig Fuel. This band had Sarah (Mike) Kirsch on guitar and vocals, who sadly passed away December 5th last year.

Gypsy – Sleep Well
I always loved the voice of Cold World’s guitarplayer Alex Russin, so when I heard he was doing vocals in a band I was pretty stoked. Meet Gypsy. I loved the record they released last year.

Nibiru – The Reinvention Of Man
I have to admit that I don’t hear too many new bands that I really like. I really loved the Nibiru demo though, but it could totally go two ways music wise. The follow up would either be a tough guy NYHC record that would be pretty good, but a tad boring, or they would build upon the, what I considered the best, parts of that demo with clean singing. And then they dropped this song. Awesomeness. If “grungecore” wouldn’t be a really stupid term, Nibiru would be the definition of it. Anyway, keep your eyes out for the full length dropping on Carry The Weight Records soon.

Daylight – In On It
Another recent discovery. When I went to see Make Do And Mend in Eindhoven this year there was a band called Daylight who opened up the evening. Turned out they were the best band of the evening. The more grunge influences, the better if you ask me haha. To me it sounds like a mix between a band like Title Fight and Silverchair (I’m not hearing Nirvana unlike others).

Deftones – Change (In The House Of Flies)
I wanted to include “Be Quiet And Drive (Far Away)” but apparently I had already used that one in of the previous mixtapes. But With Chi’s recent passing I just had to include a Deftones song. Sad it had to end like that. This one’s from my favorite album, White Pony. They’re playing the 013 in September (with Sergio (Quicksand) on bass).

Tenement Kids – All Night Train
From a punkrock demotape on Pressure Release Records to being featured in Dutch television shows. Pretty cool to see these guys grow. Doing their own thing. Let’s hope the Netherlands wake up to this band. Their last record won’t be the problem, that’s for sure.

Charles Bradley – Stay Away (Nirvana cover)
From Tenement Kids to Charles Bradley. Not that strange actually with Tenement Kids doing a Bradley cover. Anyway, I’m probably the biggest Nirvana nerd you’ll ever meet. I’ve heard a lot of covers (Yes, I’ve heard the Gaslight Anthem cover and no I don’t think it’s good) and this might just be the best cover I’ve ever heard. Ok, he doesn’t get all the lyrics right. But who cares. That voice! I can’t wait to see this man do his thing at Rockwerchter.

Warren G feat. Nate Dogg – Regulate
Last weekend I was at the biggest record fair in the Netherlands (Europe?) and I saw a 12″ single for this song. Only 2 euro. Couldn’t pass up on that great deal, could I? Chillest song ever?

Dolly Parton – Jolene
“Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, JOOOO-LEEEEEEENE”. It’s time. Not to understand, but for the weekend.

As always, if you like these songs, pick up the individual releases. They’re worth it.

Want to make your own (themed?) mixtape/playlist for SWNK? You surely can do better than this mixed bag of songs. Get in touch!

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  1. DavidTH said on 2013-04-19

    Cut the shit had the singer from Bones Brigade, who is now the bassplayer in Failures, which has Will Killingsworth from Vaccine/Orchid and Mark Mccoy from youth attack/Charles Bronson and a million other bands. It also features the former tear it up guitarplayer Paul, who wrote everything i believe. Loved that band. So far for the useless info.

    • Pim said on 2013-04-19

      Not useless at all. Made me realize a typo and I’m going to check out a couple of those bands 🙂

  2. Deadpool said on 2013-04-19

    JUSTICE! I still wear my Justice shirt with pride! You know what? I love the fact that a band that had little more to offer than some shitty tunes and a lot of enthusiasm made it that far. I really love the fact that people disaggree with me. And I am serious. But just the fact that they are a hardcore band with cool kids in it doesn’t make them any less the Volbeat of hardcore. Or the Kane, Keane or Coldplay. It’s shitty music that symbolizes the worst time hardcore ever had in my humble opinion. And yes, I will tell you that over and over. You know why? I’m 35! The age the whining will start. And fyi: I have heard every release they did, I saw them live and gave them all the chances I could give. They even did something positive for me. Because every time I heard their stuff I wanted to listen to the bands that were actually good.

    • Pim said on 2013-04-19

      I knew I could get at least 1 comment on this article if I added that sentence 🙂

    • DavidTH said on 2013-04-19

      Justice symbolizes the best time in hardcore for me together with Dead Stop etc. The shows around that time were amazing, a lot of people really excited.

      • Pim said on 2013-04-19

        Dead Stop (I originally included them, but then I thought of Furby’s recent whining hehe and included Justice instead), Restless Youth. Light The Fuse. Good times.

        • DavidTH said on 2013-04-19

          Yes, light the fuse. I remember walking into the metropool, just as Justice started playing and the room exploded.

        • Just Killing Time said on 2013-04-19

          Restless Youth and Justice. Ugh. Two bands I will never ever ever ever ever understand the appeal of. Especially Justice is in my opinion the most overrated band ever. That people were enthusiastic and they got a lot of response at shows doesn’t change the fact their music and especially their vocals sucked balls. But blah, useless discussion AsIce 3.0 style, hahaha.

          But euh Ferdy… “I’m 35! The age the whining will start.” If the whining only starts now, what have the last 10 years been? O_o


        • DavidTH said on 2013-04-19

          Justice i can understand, and the later work isn’t for me also, but what’s not to love about RY? Good musicians, great songwriting and overall pretty different to what people were doing then.

  3. xroldx said on 2013-04-19

    Pim this time I ‘forgive’ you for forcing grunge on me, but only because you started with The First Step and included Cut The Shit 😉

    • Pim said on 2013-04-19

      I’m not forcing anything on you Rold 😉 Time to quit thinking in sub-sub-genre’s or made-up labels 😉 For everyone reading this, feel free to come up with a better playlist / mixtape. We would love to feature your creations 😉

  4. Just Killing Time said on 2013-04-19

    @David Matter of personal taste of course, but RY’s music did nothing for me and a very poor live performance the one time I saw them, combined with a very poor attitude of some bandmembers during the show and afterwards turned me off this band completely.

  5. White Russian Records said on 2013-04-20

    Holy crap that Charles Bradley cover of Nirvana is totally awesome!

  6. ben said on 2013-04-22

    I don’t hate Justice, not the best band ever but I have great memories of shows in Belgium with True colors and the like.

    The most overrated band ever is for me Comeback Kid 🙂

    • Just Killing Time said on 2013-04-22

      Of course I meant overrated in a certain scene ‘niche’. 🙂

    • Pim said on 2013-04-22

      Most overrated band ever? Slayer.

      • Onno said on 2013-04-25

        Most overrated band ever, Metallica. I guess writing a few classics gets you ‘in’ for life, no matter what garbage you produce afterwards…

        • Just Killing Time said on 2013-04-25

          Same goes for Madball and Agnostic Front. 😉
          Even for Sick Of It All to some extent.

  7. Onno said on 2013-04-29

    AF, definitely. For Madball and SOIA I think that although I like their ‘old’ style more, they still write high-quality songs, just a different style of hardcore than before.

  8. Just Killing Time said on 2013-04-29

    On the other hand, all a matter of perspective. I’m sure there are tons of people who prefer Metallica’s later work over Kill ’em All or Ride The Lightning (that those people are idiots makes no difference, unfortunately…)

  9. Onno said on 2013-04-29

    haha indeed!

    by the way, I like Master of Puppets and …And Justice For All the most 😉