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Mixtape #8

It’s been a while again, but here’s 11 songs to waste half an hour with on your Friday. Really a mixed bag this time. Hold on people, not long until the weekend now.

Just finished watching Fight Club again, been a while, but it’s still one of my favorite flicks. And after seeing that movie you just can’t exclude this song from a mixtape.

There was a time you couldn’t turn on your TV or MTV would be blasting this track. When MTV still played music videos. Oh well. Saw them perform in a small bar at the European tattoo convention in London some months ago and it was pretty good. Place cleared after this song though. Oh and don’t forget about the Mackie (Cro Mags, The Icemen) connection.

For some reason this band totally went under my radar for quite some time, I knew their name (there’s a picture of Kurt Cobain wearing a Jawbreaker shirt, as featured in the “Dear You” artwork), but that’s about it. And then I decided to check out “Dear You”. Great album and I love this version of “Boxcar” that’s on the 2LP edition of that album.

Luckily there are still new bands that get me hooked right away. The Kids’ Crusade is one of those bands. Catchy, melodic but more than enough of a raw edge. Great stuff, there’s a new 7″ coming out on Nico’s Sailin’ On Records and I’m looking forward to it.

Another new band I dig. I’m a sucker for melodies and this band / song has plenty of those. A bit like a slick Green Day before Green Day got REALLY slick and started to do bad opera’s and play sets that are 3 hours but feel like 2422 hours with lots of spun out interludes and woohoo parts. I still love Dookie though. And I’m curious to see where Call It Off go from here.

I LOVE this song (I toyed around with the idea of making this a mixtape with just this song. 10 times) and especially this live version of it. So good.

That intro! They almost got me into straight edge, almost… Hope they make it over to Europe like people said some time ago.

Gotta love Crown Of Thornz. I think it was Deadpool who said this song was about The Usual Suspects, made it even better. We covered this with Said And Done a couple of times, I remember we had a hard time getting that part on 1:20 right.


I love the later Turning Point stuff. “Thursday” and this song, amazing stuff.

YES. Haim. On a hardcore / punk website. Woohoo. Like a modern and slick Fleetwood Mac. 3 sisters playing really catchy songs. I can totally understand why people think it’s horrible, but who cares. Live they’re a bit more raw (not much) and after seeing them at Rock Werchter and Doornroosje in Nijmegen I’m already looking forward to their Paradiso & Rock Werchter shows.

Enjoy your weekend folks.

Oh and as always, wanna submit a (themed maybe?) mixtape of your own? Get in touch!

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