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Mixtape #9: Slow and heavy

Hi, I like doomy stuff with good riffs. Maybe you don’t. I’m gonna share them anyways.

Have you seen ‘Last Days Here’? I have and so should you really. Fortunately there’s da uutubes. All about how Bobby Liebling, who is basically a decaying carcass at the start of the docu, gets his shit together and actually becomes the musician he always wanted to be. Some great tunes, back in the day and these days too.

So what a surprise to find this band here. The opening of ‘Dragonaut’ by Sleep is so heavy and addictive, you don’t even need to be a dopesmoker to appreciate it (I’m not, so I can tell). Famous for that one unreleasable song, the band is a legend.

If you happen to like the semi-occult vibe some bands have these days, then Electric Wizard is definitely worth a listen. Muddy, heavy and overlayed with effects. It’s a great piece of music, isn’t it?

By now I guess it’s time to step it up a little, so Crowbar is a great way to do that. To wake you up while demonstrating the power of an epic beard.

The Obsessed obviously have to be in this mixtape too then. I mean, we can’t skip Wino when listening to some doomy, stony stuff. Th

The Sword has managed to incorporate the whole range of fantasy/scifi into their music. From the first album, to the last, they keep being fasciating and very cool.

A bit of Fu Manchu never hurt anyone I suppose.

Hank III is mostly known for the cowpunk or however you want to call it, but he made a nice doom album. Not everyone likes it, but then again I think he released 4 others that year so you can take your pick. I dig it.

Another name you can hardly pass by: Neurosis

Because Josh Homme wants his dollars, no longer known as Kyuss, still as good.

I used to think this band was very awesome.  They sound so dirty and grimy. The music for night time dark shady places. Here’s some Raging Speedhorn

I’m not so much into the product they advertise, but Weedeater makes a nice bit of happy slapping stonerpunk or whatever it is.

And to close of with a classic one: Blue Cheer.

Alright, just a very slow one with OM as an outro.

Have a nice day!

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