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This Music outtakes: “L’amour In Brooklyn”

When Lewis Dimmick’s “This Music” was finished, some pieces remained unused. When he told me about these pieces and asked if I was interested to put them on SWNK I quickly said yes. I mean, I really liked the book, as you can read in my review. We already had one about Freddy Alva, one about Iron Maiden & NYC Mayhem, one about Some Records and now one about L’amour in Brooklyn.

L'amour in Brooklyn


It seemed far away, of a different world—a place to which I had to be transported.

If not, in fact, carried between worlds, then driven in my mother’s car over the Verrazano Bridge.

How many times in 1985 did she deliver us to L’Amour, The Rock Capital of Brooklyn? At my instruction, she would leave Hobi and me not in front of the club but down the street. From there we would get out and walk.

These were the days of legend. Metallica on the Ride The Lightning Tour with WASP and Armored Saint. Slayer on the Hell Awaits tour with Megadeth. Celtic Frost with Voivod and Whiplash. Overkill with S.O.D. Nuclear Assault. And as the metal and hardcore scenes crossed into each other, Murphy’s Law, Cro-Mags, Crumbsuckers, Ludichrist.

Watching history unfold. The perfect age. Waiting for the club to empty out to scan the floor for guitar picks. Finding crushed band pins. The struggle to stay on your feet from the moment the music exploded into the room. Walking onto the dance floor knowing what madness was coming and wanting it. The music on the PA going dead. The wild rising from the crowd. The light dying. The smoke. The screen rising, revealing the stage. The importance of it all. Getting there first. Standing at the stage waiting.


Written by Lewis Dimmick, the writer of This Music, which you can pick up right here.

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