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Pressure Release 2007 – Looking back part I

In 2007 Rob Huiskes (See SWNK #1 / Light The Fuse) and I released a compilation tape on our tape label “Pressure Release Records”. Like with the fests Rob was doing, we wanted to showcase the latest bands in Europe on this tape. So the taped featured 30 rather new bands from all over Europe. Like the original New Breed compilation (so damn good!) we wanted to include a zine with it as well. Released at Light The Fuse 2007, the 250 tapes we made quickly got sold out. I thought it was interesting to go back and see what those bands are doing now… To see how quickly things change in this scene of ours you know…

So that’s what I did, I tried to get in touch with all the bands again and luckily pretty much all of them replied to my few questions (some took a while though haha). This was originally intended for the second issue of my zine, but since this information is getting outdated fast (I already had to update some of it for this post) that’s not going to work. So I decided to post them up here, dividing the 30 bands in sets of 5. In this first part we’ll have a look at the first bands on the compilation: Damaged Goods, Six Pack, Said And Done, Killing Frost & Brat Pack. More to come in the next couple of weeks. It would be cool if you could share your stories on these bands in the comments.

Where are they now?

01. Damaged Goods

Belgium / 2006-2009 / R.I.P.

I remember hearing Damaged Goods tracks (this is from their demo) and it instantly reminded me of Dead Stop. Short, fast, raging tracks. Loved it. I have no idea if I ever saw them live though. Strange, since they released some good stuff.

So what happened to Damaged Goods?
Since the Pressure Release tape we released a selftitled 7” mid ‘07 and an LP entitled ‘Fever’ on Crucial Attack Records in July ‘08. We’ve played several EU-tours and UK weekends and our last show at Trashfest ’09 was insane.

What are the best memories from that time?
Playing cool shows all around Europe with the four of us was top. Intense shouts to our buds in Fast Point and Feeding Time, Rob Camp, Alan from Nottingham, Theun and Franke, RxCx and Tyfus.

What are the previous members of Damaged Goods doing now? What should we be looking out for?
Our bass player Wout still jams the core with his band Bite Down. Flap – our drummer – is recording an LP at Studio 195 with his Southern Rock band Greasemonkey as we speak. Steven is on a eternal mission in movieworld and I am on a long summer break for now. We might be involved in some new projects soon..

Damaged Goods – Out Of Sight

More info:

02. Six Pack

Poland / 2006-2008 / R.I.P.

Six Pack was a band I stumbled upon while surfing the net for bands to include. I just hopped from one band to another until I found something interesting. Aside from some cool drawings they had on their Myspace, their songs rocked.

So what happened to Six Pack?
Well, we just split up. Some of us were already in other projects which involved more and more of our time and we decided that it is better to call it quits than to continue without the same passion etc.

What are the best memories from that time?
We played some memorable shows but I believe what we remember most is just being together in the van just having fun. We are not as close to each other as we used to be and it was really good pack god damn it!

What are the previous members of Six Pack doing now? What should we be looking out for?
There were four of us. Myself and David – Six Pack’s drummer, are now in rocknroll band The Black Tapes. Both of us have side projects as well, I play bass in Government Flu and David is drumming for Slip. Lukasz, who played bass in Sixpack, is involved in various hc/punk bands from Warsaw, Burst In and Blind Date among them, check them out. Regarding Marcin, guitar player in SixPack, he does not play in any band as far as I know, we lost contact I guess.

Six Pack – Hurt A Cop

More info:

03. Said And Done

The Netherlands / 2006-Present

I could’t resist not putting my own band on the compilation. I mean, we’re from Europe, we’re a new band. Why not? Luckily Rob agreed. He might be supporting the wrong football (I’m not going to call it soccer) team, but Rob’s cool.

So what happened to Said And Done after the release of that tape?
Let’s see… The tape was released at Light The Fuse 2007. We’re still grateful Rob let us play that fest. He even re-scheduled the original date for it, since we were on our first trip to Spain at that time. So the week after we got back we were closing off Light The Fuse. It all went pretty fast and we had a blast. We just released our first CD, we had this tape doing well. Good times. After that we played some awesome shows. We did the Goudvishal (RIP) with Gang Green, we played with Merauder at the Innocent, we released the LP version of Everyday at the same venue together with Earth Crisis. That same year we went to the UK and played the 25 Years Lintfabriek (RIP) show. Yeah, 2007 was a good year. Just a rollercoaster of cool stuff for a band like us. Anyway, we kept doing small tours and playing cool shows. In the meanwhile we recorded 3 EP’s – “Endless Roads”, “Feel It” & “Weight Of The World” released on various labels. And we’ll keep on doing that as long as we’re enjoying it. We met so many cool people, visited great places, got the chance to blow off steam… All because of this band. Because of hardcore. How cool is that.

What are the best memories so far?
The tours, the people, the shows, the countries. There’s the good and the bad of course, but luckily the good moments stick around longer. If we take a step back and just look at it in general… It’s pretty much one big highlight. Let’s hope it stays that way while we continue this thing.

What are the future plans? What should we be looking out for?
We’ll be writing new songs. This time for a full length. After 3 EP’s it’s time for a full length again. There’s no deadline so I have no idea when that’s going to be done or who’s going to release it. We’ve got a new bassplayer and he’s bringing some new options to the table. So that’s going to be interesting. Aside from that we’ll just keep on doing what we are doing now: Playing shows, doing a little trip now and giving it our all. Hope you’ll be with us for the ride.

Said And Done – Use Your Head

More info:

04. Killing Frost

Portugal / 2005-Present

Killing Frost was found just like many of the other bands, just by surfing around and looking for hardcore in other countries. I especially loved their visuals. Simple, white/black, hardcore. Song was good too. Back in 2007 we did some shows with them in Belgium and the UK. I remember them playing the Iron Man intro and doing this great reggae dub. Loved it.

So what happened to Killing Frost after the release of that tape?
After the tape came out we went on tour for a month in Europe. We played some pretty crazy places, got involved in funny situation and been to countries we never thought we would. It was pretty wild. After that I moved to London and the band went on hiatus. We never spoke about breaking up or anything so June last year the chance came up and we played a gig in our home town. It was good to see that the kids still care about us.

What are the best memories from the band so far?
Uff… I’d be here all day. We played this squat in Lausanne (Switzerland) and it was pretty crazy, picture a living room packed with rowdy punks punching each other like there was no tomorrow. They even had dogs in the pit. We crossed France without paying one single toll (just follow the cars that go through the Liberté lane) and we were not stopped once. We played this middle of nowehere in Poland and the owner of the bar liked us so much that he bought two shirts, made us sign one of them and hung it on the wall. If you ever go to Drukarnia pub please take a picture of it and send it to us. We almost died once on the way to Portugal in a Spanish highway at 200km/h… there are so many memories but to be completely with you the best thing about the band is actually getting on stage a doing it. You can’t beat the feeling.

What are the future plans for Killing Frost? What should we be looking out for?
Well, we will at some point record new songs. Me being 3000km away from them does not make things easy but we’ll cope. I was planning a UK tour with our friends Mr Miyagi (check them out on Myspace, they’re fast a fucking raw), but I’m not sure if that’s still going to happen. This weekend we’re going to record a new 7″ and we might go on tour in Summer 2011. After two years without playing I think it’s time to get the machine rolling again. IN FROST WE TRUST!

Killing Frost – Brain Damage

More info:

05. Brat Pack

The Netherlands / 2006-Present

These guys started around the same time as we did. They played at the first show we did as Said And Done. Singer Ken is also in Citizens Patrol (they’ll be in one of the later parts). If you’re into trashy punkrock check them out.

So what happened to Brat Pack after the release of that tape?
Short after the release of that tape we went on our first tour. It was around the time when our demo got out on 7inch by Gummopunx, Misspelled Youth recs and Pick Up recs. We mostly played shows in Germany on that tour, and went to visit our good friend Flo in Vienna. A few weeks later there was a great show in Nijmegen to celebrate the release of the 4way split 7inch called Glory Days, featuring some more punkrock kinda styled hardcore that was just coming out around that time (Tenement Kids, Union Town, The Real Danger and Brat Pack) I think it was one of the last shows with Willem, he left the band to focus on his other band (Antillectual). Dibbus, a cowboy from Amsterdam, replaced Willem and we had a great first show with him in France. We went on a second tour, basically did the whole of Europe, it was just one big party with some heavy drinking and… no records with us by the way hehe. We released our LP, called Hate The Neighbours (out on Crucial Attack, Ha-ko and Dirty Faces.) More weekend tours followed, a great one with Gewapend Beton, a trip to the UK and some awesome shows with the Adolescents. Just before last summer we went on tour to the Balkans were we had some great shows, specially Croatia, Slovenia and Hungary were great. Our last tour was in Germany were we played the Summer madness festival together with the Dickies, SNFU, Adolescents, DOA and CH3, it was amazing. We did some more shows with SNFU that tour and it was one of the funniest things ever. Its amazing what a compilation tape can lead to haha.

What are the best memories so far?
The shows in the Baarmoeder (RIP) where always great and all the tours have been a blast. To much good memories! Bordeaux was the most recent!

What are the future plans? What should we be looking out for?
At the moment we are not playing that many shows. We are working on a new 7inch though, we’re hitting the studio in oktober. We’ll see what the future brings!

Brat Pack – State Of War
This track was exclusive at the time we released the compilation tape.

More info:


Part II (featuring Soulfire, Losing Streak, Hoods Up, Cracks In The Wall and World Collapse) coming soon.

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