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Pressure Release 2007 – Looking back part III

For part III of this special, featuring Black Haven, High Treason, Watch Out!, One Voice and Rush ‘N Attack, I decided to ask Rob for his memories on the tape, after all we were in on this one together:

So here I am, putting out some thoughts about LTF2007/Pressure Release new breed tape. To be honest, I don’t remember a lot. It is a big blur haha. But here we go. The Light The Fuse 2006 event was a bit of a let down. We did 3 days that year and had a pretty strong line-up, but somehow the core was a bit dead that year. I remember Asice did a fest that year too, but that wasn’t a big succes either. Probably ignorance had sunk in, there were so many shows in those days. Anyway, I was a bit let down and there were strong thoughts not doing Light The Fuse again. In the meantime Pim and I started a tapelabel and put out some cool tapes (Tenement Kids, Diablo Blvd.) and had the idea of putting out a hardcore compilationtape with all new european hardcore bands, something like the famous new breed tape. There where quite some cool new bands out there, that needed some attention. So Pim and I started out checking out a lot of myspace pages and contacting the bands (Pim did by far the most by the way). By doing this compilation, I started to get excited to do Light The Fuse again. This time around with almost only new bands, who were in my eyes the next generation of bands that needed to be heard, and at the much cooler (but smaller, it was before the construction) Innocent. A lot of the bands that played, were also on the tape. Looking back, I still think it was a very good tape and Light The Fuse 2007 was a blast (with far too much alcohol, hence the big blur).

Always check out the new bands, support your scene!

11. Black Haven

Belgium / 2006-Present.

Black Haven was another promising band from Belgium. When I heard their first track on Myspace I just knew I had to include them. Heavy stuff. Good to see they’re still going strong.

So what happened to Black Haven after the release of the tape?
We recorded the song for the compilation at the very beginning of Black Haven. Right before or right after our demo. So we played our first shows and tours, the line-up changed a bit, we recorded an EP and a 7″ and now we’re finishing our first full length.

What are the best memories from that time?
Every tour so far. We met a lot of great friends and seen some awesome places. It’s weird how total strangers from other bands across the ocean can suddenly become friends in a couple of days. Just because you both enjoy hardcore punk music and decide to drive around and live in shitty conditions together for a couple of weeks. The guys in In Remembrance, Ritual, Swamp Thing and The Break In are awesome. For me, my best memory was getting the chance to be on a tour with Converge, Coliseum and Integrity. That was the best line-up I could wish for.

What are the future plans? What should we be looking out for?
We’re currently finishing our first full length. We’re now recording vocals so the end is near! We don’t know when it will come out and on which label… In November we’re gonna tour with Daggers, so hopefully we can take our full length with us! Promotors can get in touch for that trip with or

Black Haven – Hollow

More info:

12. High Treason

The Netherlands / 2005-2008 / R.I.P.

Being labelbuddies with us (Said And Done) at Shield Recordings I didn’t had to look far for High Treason. Typing this up and watching the picture above makes me want to talk about Restless Youth though. How good was that band? When are they going to do a reunion show again? Oh wait, High Treason… I loved Killtraitors (Reflections has some 7″es left if anyone’s interested hehe) and Steven was singing in this band. Being a singer I always focus on the vocals and they logically reminded me of Killtraitors. Good stuff. The band René and Jan did aftert his (State Of Mind) is probably my favorite band in the Netherlands at the moment. So good.

So what happened to High Treason?
High Treason quit about two year ago. Because things didn’t really work out anymore we parted ways with singer Steven and asked our good friend Korneel Evers to replace him. In that line-up we wrote a couple of new songs and played one show. Lack of unambiguous musical direction, motivation and future prospects combined with some members’ busy schedules made us finally decide to put an end to it.

What are the best memories from that time?
For starters, I really can’t think of an High Treason show that I didn’t enjoy playing. Simple as that. We’ve never really gotten a great response or serious following, but always played solid shows. I’d like to think at least. We always had a good time together off-stage as well. Quite some shows were memorable for us because of the stupid and/or funny (depending on your perception of things) stuff that happened. Finally, and most important is the fact that HT formed a foundation for some really good friendships. We hang out together and party together. Hell, sometimes we even visit shows.

What are the previous members of High Treason doing now? What should we be looking out for?
If you’ve not been living on Mars for the past few years, chances are you’ve heard of a band called State of Mind. Jan and René joined SOM just after the release of their first full-length in 2007. About a year ago they released their second LP, called Mental Gold. Great groovy NYHC with a peace-love-and-manhugs message. Get into it. Niek is currently doing vocal and guitar duties for an indie rockband called Receive. Steven loves Ajax and doesn’t really do anything music-wise. Korneel recently started rehearsing with his old rock band The Guides again. Me, I’ve traded my bass guitar for a fishing rod and some Rapalas at the local pawnshop.

Besides music and jobs, Jan is leaving no stone unturned to find the girl of his dreams whilst still mourning over the death of his hairdresser. René spends time with his family, if not doing horror movie-character impersonations at local bars and clubs. Niek, having found the girl and job of his dreams, is still pondering on the true meaning of life. Steven impresses the rest of the world with his 4 sq. metre TV and his garden furniture. Korneel is touring theatres with his comedy-act Brokstukken and was part of the cast of an improv comedy show on national TV called “Badgasten”. I’m currently pursuing both a proper career as well as the biggest pike in the river. No real results so far, though I think I might’ve had the latter on last week!

High Treason – High School Drama

More info:

13. Watch Out!

Germany / 2005-2009 / R.I.P.

Watch Out! was a band that I stumbled upon while browsing Myspace pages of bands, looking for new bands to include. They were new and had some songs I liked. I contacted them and they were enthusiastic about the idea. That’s pretty much it. Micha always was a cool dude in our conversations but I never saw the band or spoke to him in person. Hope I can  check out his new band sometime.

So what happened to Watch Out! ?
Well, we had our farewell show on the 5th of September 2009 in Worms (near Mannheim). So Watch Out! is no more since that day! Of course we’re still friends. The decision to break up was more the musical differences.

What are the best memories from that time?
Hmm, best times we had was (in my opinion) just making music with my friends, being on tour and of course we had a hell of a time on stage. We met so many nice people at the places we played.

What are the members of Watch Out! doing currently? What should we be looking out for?
Well, our bass player Uwe and I (Micha) are playing in a band called Cheap Solution. We recently put out a demo and we’ll be doing recordings for a 7″ later this year. We also did a new  band with the other members of Watch Out! (more metal orientated) but sadly enough that didn’t work out. I was really excited about it. Aside from that I do some photography (Sanitize Your Soul). But most importantly, in March I became a daddy.

Watch Out! – For The Better

More info:

14. One Voice

Belgium / 2006-2008 / R.I.P.

Remember Turn The Screw? I thought it was awesome. Young kids playing hardcore, always a good thing. It’s actually what hardcore needs these days, more new breed. More younger kids doing bands. One Voice arised out of the asses of that band. One Voice was all about youth crew. They reminded me of the earlier Justice stuff too.

So what happened to One Voice?
We started One Voice because we wanted to release a decent youth crew 7″. We didn’t like the way everyone played it, so we just wanted to show it had to be done. Back then we were all big Youth Of Today fans. After the release of our 7″, me and the drummer Jojo didn’t want to write any more songs. We just wanted to do a good demo and a 7″ and quit. We were bored fast with all the bands we had to play with. Me and him were already in Vogue those days, so we had another band we could focus on. Joeri and Jack didn’t wanna call it quits, so they continued the band for a couple more months after we left. They only recorded one more song I guess. Then the guy of Crucial Response records released all the OxV songs on a 12″, after the band quit, which I never understood.

What are the best memories from that time?
Touring with Losing Streak sure was the coolest thing we’ve done. We played so many awesome shows in the UK back then. As a young kid you don’t realize how special those moments are. Now I still enjoy touring, but those first tours were mindblowing. Losing Streak and One Voice were a perfect match, me and the drummer are best friends ever since.

What are the previous members of One Voice doing now? What should we be looking out for?
Jojo and me are still in Vogue. We are around since 2006, released two demos, two 7″s, a full length and a discography cd. We recorded a new Lp in april that is gonna be released after summer. It’s the hardest band we’ve ever done and the new record is brutal as fuck. We will be touring Europe in september. Jojo is doing a two-piece rock band called Charlie Jones Big Band. It’s really good and getting bigger and bigger. You should check it out! I always did punkrock bands. First I played in Dead Rats, then I did a band called Heartattack Radio. We lasted for 3 years, toured Europe and the UK a couple of times and self-released two demos and full cd. At the moment I’m writing songs with my new band Silver & Gold, that will be the follow-up to Heartattack Radio. Jack hasn’t been in a band since One Voice. Joeri did a ramones cover set a while back, but nothing else that I know about. Check out:

One Voice – Kid Till Death

More info:

15. Rush ‘N Attack

The Netherlands / 2006-Present.

Some years ago when we played our first show in Friesland with my previous band, Stab Back, we stayed with Pieter (Rush ‘N Attack drummer).  Such a good dude. Everyone who knows the guy can confirm this I guesss. Anyway, Rush ‘N Attack… Hardcore punk with a big dose of rock and roll. It’s great. They already toured a lot, which is pretty cool (it didn’t help in finishing this piece though haha).

So what happened to Rush ‘N Atack after the release of the tape?
After that tape and, at pretty much the same time, our demo were released we did our first tour with Straight A’s. It was fun and everything a first tour should be like. After that it took a while to write new songs and we took a long time to record our follow up to the demo. Finally our first 7″ was released and got received very well, played cool shows and did our second tour in the winter of 2008 crossing 9 different countries in 2 weeks. Our second 7″ came out in the beginning of 2009 and after that we did another summer tour. That tour marked the beginning of a break for us from playing shows, because our singer went to Portugal for a while, so we used that time to create some new songs and record our first full length album called the Pitch. At the same time i started booking what would be our biggest tour so far (and probably ever) which took us to 15 different countries to play, crossed a whole bunch more and lasted 7 weeks in total.

What are the best memories from that time?
This is a really hard question, I can’t really point out one or two things, because we have had some really good times so far and still great things are happening every day for this band. We met great people, had great parties and played shows where people knew the lyrics to our songs and acted crazy to our tunes. From people yelling for certain songs during our set in Lithuania to crazy shit like a car standing still in the wrong lane, facing the wrong direction and nothing in it except for a dog behind the wheel, at 6 in the morning in France. All of those things make being in a band so fun and important to me.

What are the future plans? What should we be looking out for?
At the moment we’re glad to be home and I guess everybody is going to do some stuff they need to do, so the band is gonna take it easy for a while. Maybe some weekends and such stuff, we’ll see. No real plans are made yet.

Rush ‘N Attack – Raise Your Finger

More info:

Up next, part IV, featuring: Lost Alone, Watch Your Step, Come Undone, The Ice and Civil Terror.

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