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Pressure Release 2007 – Looking back part VI

Part of the booklet that came with the zine. Flyer for the release show.

Part VI. The final part. Let’s make up the balance. Of those 30 bands:

13 bands are alive and kicking, or say they are.
1 band renamed themselves.
bands quit.

Statistics. Amazing.

Oh well, let’s just have a look at the 5 last bands of the compilation. This time it’s Room 13, Out Come The Wolves, Bases Loaded, Citizens Patrol and Noble Cause.

26. Room 13

Netherlands / 2006-2009 / R.I.P.

The first show we played with Said And Done, Room 13 played as well. Loved that show. I remember them doing a Misfits cover and me telling our guitarplayer that if he wanted to do a Misfits cover (we talked about that before) we should have done that one. He told me that was exactly the song he suggested. I didn’t recognize it. Usually I would say that doesn’t mean a thing and it probably was my fault, but in this case it just illustrates how sloppy Room 13 was (in the beginning!) haha. Always loved their shows and their ‘we-don’t-give-a-fuck-attitude’ though. Stooges cover didn’t hurt either. It was just logical to include them. I heard something about a possible re-start, would be cool if that really happens.

So what happened to Room 13?
In that period we played shows rather regulary, but we never toured or anything. I guess that wasn’t our kinda thing. Personally I don’t care much about where, with who or for who we were playing anyway. Slowly we started to write more and more new songs and after a while we decided we had to record them. We went to Studio 195 with Patrick Delabie and that worked out damn great. While searching for a label we got in touch with Franke (Crucial Attack) and Peter (Angry Youth). Both wanted to release the recordings and both couldn’t do it alone. A perfect match was born. I’m still very hapy with that 7”, personally I prefer to play it over broken speakers though. Maybe it should have had that sound naturally, but this works.

What are the best memories from that time?
Playing shows with those dudes was awesome. In hindsight I was always in a hurry to get to shows in time, or at least not very late. Oh well, we fucked around quite a bit, and that’s what it’s all about. We didn’t take ourselves too serious. When we played and something went wrong again it might have seemed like we hated eachothers guts, but that was not the case. Stuff was happening all the time. I would never want to play in a band that would arrive exactly on time, set up their expensive equipment, play a solid show, throw in a political statement, receive applause and are back home before the dark. I guess our coolest show was in Tilburg, we played most of our shows there anyway. Probably the show in Hall Of Fame with 86 Mentality, or one of the shows in Little Devil.

What are the Room 13 members doing curently? Anything we should be looking out for?
For the User/Abuser 7” we spend a lot of time writing songs in the rehearsal room. When those songs were recorded we ended up in some sort of black hole. The set we played at Short, Fast and Loud (every band got 10 minutes max for their set) we ended up playing every show. Nothing got added. There were some wild plans to start writing and rehearsing again, but I guess a bit of the urgency was gone. Maybe one day, maybe not. Luuk and I now have a new, punk, band with our friend Gijs.

Room 13 – Can’t Stand It

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27. Out Come The Wolves

Spain / 2005-2008 / R.I.P.

I don’t know exactly how they ended up on the compilation. I think I heard about them and liked what they were doing. I wanted to include a band from Spain anyway, so 1+1 was 2 in this case. Communication with them at the time was terrible though. Almost non-existent. I think in the end I arranged everything with Uri from Sell Our Soul Records. Thanks again for that Uri.

So what happened to Out Come The Wolves?
We just broke up after lots of shows and fun. There was no a real reason, we just were looking for other things to do.

What are the best memories from that time?
I think I should be really gratefull to all the people who supported us on the shows, making the shows a huge and crazy party !! The people who bought the records and shirts to give us little of their money for our shows, so we could make more stuff like shirts, records, pay gas, tolls… I also need to thank Uri for believing in us and putting our records out. The Barcelona Straight Edge for the parties. Meeting people around Spain and Europe while on tour! Lots of good memories and good people man!! But maybe the top of the memories are the shows, the release shows for the 2nd 7″ and the Fire And Ice fest for the LP release show! Good and crazy memories.

What are the Out Come The Wolves bandmembers currently doing? Anything we should be looking out for?
I think Julio and Dani started a band kinda like Integrity called Mirror Mirror but it’s going slow. Some of the members live far away and everyone also have their jobs which steal too much time for practice. I think Julio is doing the Hippie/Homeless thing traveling around the world (wish the best for him). Dani is living with his parents and looking out for job as tatttoo artist. Low Batt is also living in his little village on the mountain and working lots of hours. Sometimes we practice together in a band called En Pie Por Las X, sounds kinda Teen Idles and punk bands from 82. And I spent the time working in a wholesale fruit shop and skating the rest of the time…ohhh and also visiting Holland lots of times to see my girlfriend who lives in Roterdam.

Out Come The Wolves – 4.20

More info:

28. Bases Loaded

United Kingdom / 2004-Present.

I think the compilation tape happened before we got to meet mr Rob Boyce, so I probably just stumbled upon their Myspace or something. Boyce showed us the wonders of Guitar Hero and it was the first time (of many, many times) I saw Anchorman. That and mr Rob Camp. Two of my favorite Englishmen. But I’m getting offtopic. Little did I know that they weren’t that ‘new’ at all. Not that active either haha. I still need to get my pre-order. I did get the release edition of their 7″ though. One of the few out there.

So what happened to Bases Loaded?
Bases Loaded is still a band, we just play maybe one show a year, and prove the law of diminishing returns each time. Luke who played on the recording on the tape moved away and was replaced by my future (now past) housemate French Rob Camp. Rotten Egg was on the EP that was released (LOL) on bank-roll records, I think maybe 60 of those are in circulation, rumour has it the rest went in a river somewhere but who really ever knows.

What are the best memories from the band so far?
It’s difficult to extricate the best memories regarding BL from just the best memories of four dudes hanging out, half the time we just play shows because we happen to be there anyway. Touring with Restraining Order and Search and Destroy, almost fighting each other, saying fuck it at the CT mental show and covering stop and think just as they walked through the door and having AJ sing along to Thick Skin was kind of mind blowing/embarassing.

What are the future plans? Anything we should be looking out for?
The BLP will probably drop in 2011 and either before or that will be a Murphy’s Law covers EP, we might jump on the end of the set of some band we don’t share any members with at some point and bum out everyone in attendance, probably no practicing. One of us was in The Hard Way and Reality, two of us were in Restraining Order, one of us IS in The Hard Way now, and a couple of us are getting new things going as we speak. J.O.S.E. REAL BANDS DON’T DIE

Bases Loaded – Rotten Egg
This track was exclusive at the time we released the compilation tape.

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29. Citizens Patrol

The Netherlands / 2006-Present.

It will not come as a surprise but I’m not a big fan of the whole fast, faster, fast style. I actually prefered Brat Pack (Ken’s other band) over Citizens Patrol. I just wanted the compilation to be diverse. On the one hand it had World Collapse on the other hand it had Citizens Patrol. Don’t call us narrowminded haha. Anyway, it’s damn great to see what Citizens Patrol achieved so far. They’re doing well on the other end of the Ocean. Quality hardcore for sure. Ron, when are we going to drink a beer again?

So what happened to Citizens Patrol after the release of the tape?
In 2007 and 2008 we released the Sick Routine and Dead Children EP’s which got received pretty well to say the least. We played a lot of shows. Did a three week US tour, played cool festivals like Shittown in Copenhagen and the list goes on and on… good times! A couple of months ago we finally released a self titled LP on Way Back When and Even Worse Records. Sorry State Records will take care of the US release of that same lp. To support the release we did a short Eastern European tour which was awesome.

What are the best memories from the band so far?
We’re always in good company and every single person in and around the band makes that every trip is a highlight for itself. For me personally the show we played in the basement of Now That’s Class, Cleveland still is the most crazy/awesome show we played. Kids trashing around real hard. Shit flying around, like glass, trashcans and chairs. Some kid playing with a fire extinguishers. People getting hit in the face. Blood everywhere.. violent shit man, but I loved every single second of that show. You read stories like this in books from way back when, but playing a show like that is crazy.. That whole US tour was insane.. I think we all got Ill after the tour and lost a couple of pounds just because of the bad food, major drinking and no sleep.

What are the future plans? Anything we should be looking out for?
Do what we do best.. play shows, record records, beeing lazy and having fun. We’re planning a tour to the south of Europe and hopefully we’ll make it over to the States again. We’re all working class morons nowadays, so time is a serious bitch and it’s getting harder and harder to get stuff like that done.. but we’ll make it.. some day!

Citizens Patrol – Shit For Brains

More info:

30. Noble Cause

Austria / 2005-2007 / R.I.P.

Noble Cause was another band I just stumbled upon. They almost were left off, because they broke up while we were finishing the tape. That and the fact the quality of the recording wasn’t that great made them end up at the last spot on the tape. Years later I walked into Peter (guitarist) when we played a show in Vienna. Originally his friend was on it, but he bailed and Peter helped us out greatly. Update 2010-10-01: Updated answers by Philip.

So what happened to Noble Cause?
Well, what happened was that our singer decided to leave the band shortly after your mixtape was released! He said he just wasn’t into it anymore. He made himself clear and we understood…so there was no bad blood or anything. We, the remaining members, still wanted to go on, but under a different name. That’s how Feeding Time ( was born. I switched from drums to vocals and for the skins we recriuted our good friend Niki from the New School band Worlds|Between|Us. Feeding time released 2 Demo MC’s and 1 7″ (out on Powertrip Records from Germany) and we went on 3 Eurotours that brought us to almost all western-european countries, even as far as Spain and the UK (that’s far, if you consider we’re from Austria, which is almost eastern-europe). After our last tour it seemed that we’ve run out of steam, at least that was how I felt. What really broke our backs as a band was when we got the offer to support Pulling Teeth and Pressvre on their eurotour that never came to happen. I kinda lost my motivation from there on and focused more on other things in my life. After some time we just decided to let it be and that was it.

What are the best memories from that time?
The best memories connected with NC are defenitely connected with our weekendtrip to Romania and Hungary. We didn’t have a Van so we had to pack all the stuff into my tiny car. We somehow managed to squeeze all the instruments and heads plus luggage in there and off we went. The show in Romania was a wild one. I remember standing in the parking lot after our set and suddenly a group of people came running out of the venue chased by another gang. The first group of people jumped into a car and drove away fast. The others threw sticks and stones at the away driving car. We just stood there in shock, couldn’t believe our eyes. This was so unreal. Like in a movie. What happend was, that a fight between two rival goups out of different cities broke out inside. When we came back, there really was a lot of blood on the dancefloor. Well, what can I say? Romania’s different, it’s wild.

What are the members of Noble Cause doing now? What should we be looking out for?
Well..Haunzs started a short lived band called Eyes Of Tomorrow with a bunch of other guys that sounded totally like the Cro Mags. That band was amazing and could’ve been huge. Sad but true they broke up after 2 or 3 shows and never recorded a proper demo.
As I said: The remaining members of Noble Cause formed Feeding Time and that band broke up as well. Since then we didn’t do that much. Peter, Jochen and Niki tried to start a more rocking band that never worked out. As far as I know Jochen’s bandless right now. Niki plays in a coverband called Tortuga. What I’ve heard is that Peter reunited his old band Remember The Nights, which is more of a emo-core/pop-punk band and that broke up way too soon. Jan doesn’t do anything bandwise right now as far as I know.
I don’t have a band either at the moment, but I really like to start something new again, so we’ll see what the future brings.

Noble Cause – Farce
This track was exclusive at the time we released the compilation tape.

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