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Record labels stop stealing our money

I don’t know about you but I’m pretty fed up with feeling like scum. Feeling like the most stupid guy in town. Of feeling exploited, underestimated and not taken seriously. It’s about time a large group of record buyers stand up and say WE’ RE NOT GONNA TAKE IT, NO MORE!

I mean it. I know less and less people are buying music. I understand labels don’t make the amount of money (profit) they used to. But why the fuck do they take it out on the few customers they still have. Ordinary new releases are way too overpriced. 20 to 25 euros for an LP? It makes me quite hesitant to buy as much vinyl as I would like. So yes, I download more records and only end up buying those few I think are really worth it. Let’s say record labels drop the prices of lp’s to 10 to 15 euros, wouldn’t be people buying more records? Wouldn’t you have more happy customers and less people who feel like they’re paying way too much just so labels can still maintain some kind of status?

Thank god labels like Reflections, Shield Recordings, Revelation, Deathwish and Bridge 9 keep their prices fair. Around 13 euros for an LP and 20 euros for a double LP, that’s fair in my opinion. And way better than paying 24 euros for a new Dave Hause record or 28 euros for the latest Mogwai. Both actually are double LP’s but especially that Dave Hause record could easily have been just one LP.

I’m not only talking about new releases here. The vinyl market is flooding with rereleases of classic records. Probably not to make these records available to a new group of vinyl lovers but to gain another profit on a release that has already been selling for years. Why else charge for example around 30 euros for Depeche Mode’s Some Great Reward on vinyl?

It’s about time we, the consumers, make a stand. Away with overpriced records. We love music. We love vinyl. But we refuse to be treated like dumb, mindless people. Are you with me?

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