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Shield Anniversary Party: 10 reasons you should come

I expect each and everyone this Saturday in Tilburg for the celebration of 10 years Shield Recordings. Here are 10 reasons why:

  1. It’s dirt cheap. Pre-sale tickets are 10 euro. Entrance at the door is 12.50. With ten bands playing that’s cheap, dirt cheap.
  2. Buy records. Since you’ll have some money left because of the dirt cheap entrance you can finally get your hands on that punk vinyl you’ve been looking to score for a long time. The Shield distro will be present so score.
  3. The Real Danger. The best European punk band on stage.
  4. Outline. Be early so you can at least catch some minutes of Belgium’s good looking hipsters in Outline. They have a black metal drummer, a bass player with beard and french nickname and a tattooed singer. You know you’ll score scenepoints with this one.
  5. Harsh Realms. The best European orgcore band on stage.
  6. Ice cream. Across the corner from the Hall of Fame venue is the best ice cream shop in Brabant Intermezzo. If you go there bring me some Bastogne ice.
  7. No reunions. Fortunately for everyone there will be no skeletons coming out of the closet. No reunion shows by Shield alumni like Stab Back, Ataglance and Heartfelt.
  8. 7 other great bands. Sweet Empire, Wank For Peace, The Accelrators etc. There’s enough punk for everyone.
  9. Skate! Bring your skateboard and act like you’re 13 years old and Pennywise recently released About time. In the same building as the Hall of Fame is Ladybird Skatepark, the best indoor skatepark of the Netherlands.
  10. Support. Without a label like Shield there wouldn’t be quality releases of all your favorite European (and some American) bands. So come, support and celebrate.


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