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Supertouch at Kunstverein, Nürnberg 2011

In January we, Said And Done, played 3 shows with Supertouch in Germany and I took my camera with me. And like I promised on some messageboards, it’s now time to share that footage. I’ll be posting the raw footage and some short write-ups (just skip to the videos if you’re not interested in my ramblings) of the shows this month and, if it’s done in time, we’ll end this “Supertouch month” with an interview with Mark Ryan. Let’s see what happens.

Up first was Nürnberg on the 14th of January. A show set up by my man Dominik, known from his The Heat zine and Mind Over Matter label (who released that great FEED demo). Anyway, it’s always interesting to see where you’ll end up playing. Especially in Germany, they have awesome venues over there. Kunstverein was no exception. It looks great, it’s an old bunker / headquarters from the war. First used by the nazi’s, later by the Allied Forces and now artists and bands are in charge. Really cool.

After the backline was set up, Supertouch started soundchecking. From the moment I heard them play those first notes, I think it was “Lost My Way”, I knew these shows were going to be great. And they were. Anyway, shortly after that the first people came in. We did a short linecheck and stormed through our set. The sound wasn’t that great (as you can hear in the Supertouch videos), but I think we did okay. After our set we talked a bit with the Supertouch guys in the backstage (read “a small hall between band equipment and drinks etc” haha). They seemed to be enjoying themselves, which doesn’t always seem the case when bands come over. We talked about the new 7”, but more importantly they said they wanted to release more 7”es after this one and come back to Europe later this year, so let’s hope that is going to happen. I’ll try to get more about that in the interview. So after Empowerement’s set was done, which I didn’t see much of I’m afraid, it was time for Supertouch.

Their second show of the tour (the night before they played Weimar which was a good set from what I’ve heard) and they had a great setlist in mind. A nice mix of the newer songs of Lost My Way and classics. One of the songs I was really hoping for they would play was Better. And they did.

And what’s a Supertouch show without Searching For The Light? Right…

I didn’t improve, alter or remaster this footage in any way (as if that wasn’t obvious already haha), it’s coming like this straight from the camera, so please take it as it is. A raw capture of the moment. The sound wasn’t that great in the venue itself, so I couldn’t have done wonders anyway.

Up next week is the show in JZ Riot in Lichtenstein from the 15th of January. Feel free to share you stories of these shows or the band in the comments!

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