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SWNK’s Incubate day-to-day roadmap

The yearly Incubate festival is around the corner. With over 307 artists, movies, performances and more happening it might be wise to make a schedule of the must-sees. Maybe our tips will help a bit.


Incubate kicks off on Monday september 10th in full force. Scheduled to play are Napalm Death, dutch grindact Dr. Doom as well as the psychedelic metal mash-up of Lesbian.

Our tip of the day howevers is the movie Dragonslayer:

Dragonslayer documents the transgressions of a lost skate punk falling in love in the stagnant suburbs of Fullerton, California in the aftermath of Americaʼs economic collapse. Taking the viewer through a golden SoCal haze of broken homes, abandoned swimming pools and stray glimpses of unusual beauty, Dragonslayer captures the life and times of Josh “Skreech” Sandoval, a local skate legend and new father, as his endless summer finally collides with the future. A punkrock manifesto to youth, love and learning to survive after the decline of western civilization.


On Tuesday it’s time to get over your headbanging and slampit injuries caused by Napalm Death and chill with bands like Blood Beach and another promising movie: Bellflower.

Bellflower follows two friends who spend their time building flamethrowers and other weapons in the hope that a global apocalypse will occur and clear the runway for their imaginary gang, Mother Medusa.While waiting for the destruction to commence, their call to excitement comes unexpectedly when one of them meets a charismatic young woman and falls hard in love. Quickly integrating into a new group of friends, they set off on a journey of betrayal, love, hate, and extreme violence more devastating than any of their apocalyptic fantasies.


Wednesday will be a great day for all lovers of metal with bands like Funeral Whore, Fleshless and Master playing. The real party however will probably be courtesy of Melbourne’s punkduo Digger & The Pussycats.


Well it’s Incubate Thursday. That means only one thing HEAVY METAL BOWLING!


Ofcourse on Friday most readers of this e-zine will head to the V39 for some free hardcore tunes by bands like Swindle, Toxic Shock, Sex Drive, Full Of Hell and New Lows. Still my tip of the day is the first Dutch performance of The Membranes in 20 years.

For another hardcore connection you could also check out German post-punk band Messer (with members of Ritual).


What not to see on Saturday? There’s another free hardcore show with Defy The Crown, Monolith, Desolated, Together, Cracks In The Wall and Midnight Souls. You could take your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife and check Yann Tiersen (that guy from the Amelie soundtrack). British post-rockers Mogwai will without a doubt put on a brilliant set. (Their latest record is entitled Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will) but our tip of the day is another British band who finally made it to Tilburg: IceAge.


The last day of Incubate 2012 and an insane schedule with acts like Insanity Alert, Starve and VVOUNDS. As well as Reigning Sound, The Men and Japandroids. But there’s only one band you really should see today: the almighty Buzzcocks.


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