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Underdog live at Metropool, Hengelo (NL) in 2006

Ok this might be less special to some than the American Nightmare tour video that we posted before, but to me this one’s more special. Because unlike that American Nightmare tour, I was here. And loving every second of it.

Let’s see what I can remember of it. The first thing I remember is Rob asking me to make a flyer for a show he was putting on. Underdog @ Metropool in Hengelo. I don’t know why it was at the Metropool anymore, but probably because he either expected too many people for the Innocent or it was being renovated at that time. Rob if you’re reading this, fill in the blanks please. Anyway, I came up with a pretty simple design. Probably made in a hurry. And I don’t know which version came first, A or B. But I know I preferred the one with Balkenende and a little Hitler ‘stache over the Underdog design (which is great itself, don’t get me wrong). I guess it was my way of a tribute to the political hardcore punk flyers of the 80’s or something. Just nowhere as good. The version with the Underdog art might have been made to use if the venue didn’t like the Balkenende version or something.

Anyway, let’s talk about the show itself. I think we got in a bit late (missing out on New Morality & Remain) and I don’t remember a thing from the Justice set of that evening, but I’m pretty sure it was good. I just Googled the show (trying to improve my memories) and read that played a bunch of new material that got mixed reactions. Anyway, while Googling I also read that Strike First played a surprise set doing only Cro Mags (and 1 Judge) covers too. Totally forgot that! Thought that was a different show. Good times. I do remember being excited for Dead Stop though (gotta love that band). Sadly, I also remember I thought their show wasn’t that great at all. Maybe it was the fact that it was their last Dutch show, maybe it was the fact they were sharing the stage with Henk De Vries haha, I don’t know. It probably was just me. I wasn’t feeling them that night.

After Dead Stop it was time for Underdog though. I’m not going to lie and say I knew all their songs by heart or something, but the songs I did knew I loved. You can say whatever you want, but Richie’s voice… Man. Incredible. The band played like they had been playing together every single day since they decided to put Underdog on hold. So tight. They played all their classics and I loved the reggae part in the middle of their set. I might not have been feeling Dead Stop, Underdog I did get. Totally. Still one my favorite reunions ever. Some time after this show there was talk (and shows were announced) of them coming back again, but for all kinds of reasons it never happened. So, who’s going to bring them over again? I need more Underdog in my life.

Filmed by Emiel Laurant. Youtube fucked up the first 10 seconds, it’s not like that on the DVD I have. Luckily the rest is fine.

Hearing this for the first time and loving what you hear, need to find a new copy of your record because you played it to death or just want to have all the tracks together on a single release ? Check out Bridge 9’s (Underdog’s current label) recent Underdog discography release “Matchless“. It’s worth your money.

So who was there (or any of the other Underdog shows that tour)? Share your memories in the comments!

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